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What You Need to Know: April 2016

Mobile is driving more traffic and purchases than ever before, and retailers are experimenting with news ways to engage shoppers.

Industry Trend #1
Mobile On Top
Mobile was used more often for both shopping and purchasing in 2015 and now represents 2 out of every 3 digital media minutes.
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Industry Trend #2
Search and Email Dominate
Search, email, and affiliate marketing generated 70% of retail transactions from January through March.
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Industry Trend #3
Retail Sales Falling Short
With the exception of apparel, retail sales are falling short of expectations this year.
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Industry Trend #4
Making Beacons Work
Beacon marketers are finding ways to notify customers who don't have their brand app downloaded.
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Industry Trend #5
Bot-Influenced Shopping
Bots help retailers interact with consumers and pinpoint their needs. Retailers, like Sephora and H&M, are already catching on to the trend.
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Industry Trend #6
Connected Fitting Rooms
Ralph Lauren introduced interactive fitting rooms in its Manhattan store, which include smart mirrors.
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Industry Trend #7
Virtual Reality and Retail
Although there have been many virtual reality advances lately, retailers may not be ready, and adoption could be slow.
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Industry Trend #8
Amazon Pay
Amazon takes on PayPal and other payment providers with Amazon Pay, which allows e-retailers to tap into Amazon's large user base.
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Industry Trend #9
Millions of Vulnerable Androids
400 million Android devices run on old software, making them vulnerable to malware that could be as simple as a text message.
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Industry Trend #10
"Next-Generation" Shops
Apple opened its first "next generation" walk-in shop in Memphis. It comes complete with a 37-foot TV display and custom wooden installations. 
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This Week at Branding Brand: April 16-22


After a few starts and stops, it looks like #Spring finally made it to #Pittsburgh. #KnockOnWood #SouthSide

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3 Retail Trends You Need to Know This Week: April 18-22

Weekly News Roundup

Here's what our team is reading this week... 

Mixed Reality, IoT
Two companies plan to enable 10 billion apparel and footwear products with digital identities and data profiles for IoT-connectivity (Apparel Magazine). Abundance of virtual reality content suggests retailer excitement to get started in the space, but retailers still struggle to create the best mobile experience (Digital TrendsMobile Commerce Daily). 

Marketing Opportunities
Nordstrom brings the pop-up-shop both online and in-store (Geo Marketing). Amazon is using vendor successes to build its product line (Bloomberg). Beacon marketers find ways to notify customers, sans app download (Marketing Land). Drive-thru for milk and eggs? CVS invests in curbside pick up for mobile shopping orders (TechCrunch). 

Software and Search
The European Union accused Google of taking advantage of its search-leader status to promote its apps over competitors (USA Today, The Verge). 400 Million Android devices run on old, vulnerable software (Wall Street Journal, The Register). Google will soon add live TV listings to its search engine (TechCrunch). 

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