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Retail News You Need to Know: May 23-27

Weekly News Roundup

Here's what our team is reading this week... 

Increasing Conversions
Burberry plans to monetize its 40 million social media followers after much success in turning its online visitors into shoppers, with conversions on mobile up 40% year-over-year (Glossy). Men are spending more on clothes than women, sparking retailers to cater to them with high-touch, order-in-store experiences (Glossy, CNBC). 

Pay News
PayPal discontinued making updates to its mobile apps for Blackberry, Amazon Fire, and Windows phone devices (ZDNet). Here comes Wells Fargo with its own mobile wallet (Fortune, Digital Trends). Of over 1,000 internet users, cash is king and used in 87% of transactions, PayPal accounts for 67%, and mobile wallet is used by 17% (eMarketer). 

WWDC Expectations
Rumors swirl before each Apple event, and WWDC is no different. iOS 10 may see upgrades like a new interface and app features (TechRadar). Will Apple Watch finally be announced (Wearable)? Several sources anticipate updates to Apple Music, Siri, the App Store, and iMessages (ValueWalk, 9to5 Mac).

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Levi's Featured at Google I/O for Its "Connected" Jacket

Levi's Commuter Jacket | Jacquard by Google; Image source: TechCrunchImage source: TechCrunch

Last week at Google I/O, Branding Brand client and international denim retailer, Levi's, was featured for its partnership with Google's Project Jacquard, which makes interactive textiles possible for everyday use.

The fashionable, yet functional Levi's Commuter Trucker Jacket targets urban bikers and comes equipped with an embedded tag in the jacket sleeve. It's designed to look like a button and will help consumers stay connected on-the-go. This connected wearable should be available in stores next spring.

TechCrunch's Sarah Perez explained:

The idea with this new Levi’s Commuter jacket, explained the company, is to make something that’s both fashionable to wear while also representing a practical implementation of the technology.

Today, cyclists often have to fuss with their phone while commuting on busy streets, which is dangerous.

With Levi’s Commuter jacket, they’ll instead be able to just touch their jacket’s cuff, using gestures to control various functions they would otherwise need to pull out their phone to do.

The jacket will be a part of Levi’s Commuter collection of clothing, which is largely aimed at urban dwellers who ride bikes to navigate their city.

“There’s a unique challenge in creating a smart clothes platform — fashion and technology have to work as one but there’s inherent tension between the two,” said Poupyrev. “Technology is fragile, garments… are not.”

In addition to controlling native phone functions like calls, as well as Google Maps and Google Play Music, Google says the jackets will interoperate with third-party services. That means you’ll be able to use the touches to control your Spotify music, for example, or a connected fitness app, like Strava.

 Read the full article on TechCrunch, or download our free Google I/O 2016 recap.

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What You Need to Know: May 2016

From researching to purchasing, consumers are using web experiences to determine what they buy and were they buy it.

Industry Trend #1
Mobile Research
72% of smartphone shoppers research an item and 70% check the price before purchasing it.
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Industry Trend #2
E-Commerce on the Rise 
Online merchants are a major factor in the highest spike in U.S. retail sales since early last year.
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Industry Trend #3
No More Malls
Rising profits at chains like Home Depot and TXJ Co. indicate shoppers are spending more at non-traditional retailers.
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Industry Trend #4
Liquidation Results
With Sports Authority and Sports Chalet leaving the market, Dick's Sporting Goods in primed for holiday success.
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Industry Trend #5
Luxury Experiences
Gucci's digital strategy proves a luxury brand can offer a sensory experience through e-commerce.
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Industry Trend #6
Gifting Gift Cards
A study indicates that 84% of shoppers plan to buy as many, if not more, gift cards as they did last year.
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Industry Trend #7
Digital Wallet Adoption
Kohl's now caters to customers wanting to use Apple Pay and reap benefits of its store rewards card.
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Industry Trend #8
Fast Shipping
Wal-Mart is trying to compete with Amazon by offering an annual 2-day free shipping membership.
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Industry Trend #9
Show, Don't Tell
The age of talking at consumers is over. Attracting customers is becoming increasingly visual.
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Industry Trend #10
Online Peer Pressure
Social media is influencing millennial moms to splurge on expensive impulse purchases.
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[FREE DOWNLOAD] Google I/O 2016 Recap

GoogleIORecap-Small.pngGoogle I/O 2016 wrapped up at the end of last week and covered topics ranging from performance and security to VR and wearables and introduced Android N, which will be released later this year.

Many of the sessions focused on making mobile experiences fast and engaging to help merchants convert and retain customers.

3 standout statistics from "The Mobile Web: State of the Union" session included:
  • 40% of people abandon a site that takes more than 3 seconds to load
  • 92% of users give up if they are unable to sign in on the first try
  • 66% of mobile commerce comes from the mobile web

Learn how Google's updates affect retailers:

Download the Google I/O 2016 recap.

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