What Works: American Eagle Outfitters or Old Navy’s App-driven Mobile Commerce Strategy (Mobile Commerce Daily)

Compared to Old Navy’s mobile site, American Eagle Outfitter’s is more graphic-driven with a revolving gallery at the top of the page and pictures underneath that match up with different merchandise categories.

A search bar is prominently placed at the top of the page to let consumers search for keywords or style numbers. 

Tabs at the top of the page divide the site into three sections – home, stores and my account.

A call-to-action at the top of the page encourages users to download the company’s app. The site then asks if it is OK to open the page in Apple’s App Store, where consumers can then download the app.

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Top Do’s and Don’ts of Mobile Commerce (Mobile Commerce Daily)

The mobile commerce space is growing at a rapid pace and marketers are increasingly incorporating new technologies such as NFC and image recognition as a way to drive sales. Although effective, many companies are still not using mobile to the best of their abilities to increase engagement and drive brand awareness.

The mobile commerce space is growing like no other. The medium presents marketers with big opportunities to drive in-store traffic and increase revenue.

Here are the top do’s and don’ts of mobile commerce.

... Do make checkout simple.
Consumers are increasingly turning to their mobile devices to make purchases. Therefore, having a quick and efficient checkout process is crucial.

“Our data shows that clients with fewer steps in their checkout process experience significantly higher funnel conversion rates,” said Chris Mason, cofounder/CEO of Branding Brand.

Don’t direct all traffic to the homepage.
If a marketer is running a campaign that promotes a specific product, the creative should lead consumers to that product page, rather than the main homepage.

Fewer steps and more of seamless experience is key for mobile commerce success.

“When users click product links in a search result or email, they expect to go to that specific page,” Mr. Mason said.

“Make sure your mobile deep-links work just like they do on your full site,” he said....

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Spanx Unveils Mobile Commerce Site to Increase Sales (Mobile Commerce Daily)

Shapewear giant Spanx has made its debut in the mobile commerce space with a new site that lets consumers browse the latest styles and buy them.

Consumers can access the mobile site by entering http://www.spanx.com on their mobile browser. The mobile site was developed by Branding Brand.

“We are very proud to add Spanx to our portfolio of clients,” said Chris Mason, cofounder/CEO of Branding Brand. “Although we have worked with many fashion and luxury brands, this was our first undergarment line.

“Retailing intimates poses many challenges with regard to overall design,” he said. “We are very proud of the creative thinking and client collaboration this site represents.

“The site was designed using the latest best-practices in mobile usability, so although it has a very clean aesthetic, we didn’t cut back on functionality to achieve better performance.” ...

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