Sephora Sees 87K Passbook Downloads a Week After Release (Mobile Commerce Daily)

Branding Brand, who developed Sephora’s mobile offerings, believes that Apple’s Passbook is the new email.

“Only now you can track redemption all the way into stores,” said Chris Mason, cofounder and CEO of Branding Brand.

“Our dashboard simplifies the process by allowing retailers to create, manage, and track passes from a central place,” he said. “We’re really impressed by the initial response, and the numbers continue to surprise us.”

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Apple’s Passbook Opens a New Mobile Marketing Venue (Internet Retailer)

Sephora loyalty club members can now access their Beauty Insider card in the easiest way possible—accessing their points balance and presenting the pass to earn and redeem points while shopping in store,” says Julie Bornstein, senior vice president, Sephora digital. “More than 70% of mobile traffic to Sephora comes from iOS devices, so Passbook is a natural fit for Sephora customers. Being part of Passbook also allows recipients of Sephora eGifts a way to easily store, access and redeem them on their iPhone.”

During the first five days of Passbook’s launch, Sephora’s iPhone app was downloaded 300,000 times and the number of Beauty Insider accounts created via mobile increased dramatically, Bornstein says. “More than 75,000 Beauty Insider cards have been added to Passbook and we expect the number of cards added to Passbook to increase as more consumers get their hands on the new iPhone5 and download iOS6,” she says.

Sephora worked with m-commerce technology provider Branding Brand on the Passbook integration.

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How Popular Is Passbook? Sephora Sees 20K After 24 Hours (TechCrunch)

How popular is Apple’s Passbook, the new iOS 6 application that lets you store tickets, cards, and coupons in a mobile wallet-like interface? According to some early data from Branding Brand, the company that built the app for cosmetics and skin care brand Sephora, Passbook adoption is booming. In the first day following iOS 6′s availability, Sephora’s “Beauty Insider” card was added...Twenty-four hours later, that number reached 20,000.

What’s even more remarkable about these numbers is that the iPhone 5 wasn’t available until today, and not all users of compatible Apple mobile devices have yet to upgrade to iOS 6, the version which includes the native Passbook application. As of yesterday, iOS 6 had been adopted by 15% of eligible iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch devices, according to multiple data sources. On iPhone, it was hovering around 17% 24 hours in. Those are good numbers, and they’re aided by Apple users’ familiarity with the upgrade process and Apple’s end-to-end control over the hardware and software. (For comparison’s sake, Android’s latest, aka Jelly Bean, has a 1.2% distribution.)

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Local Group Encourages Women in Software Development, Announces First Event (Press Release)

PITTSBURGH, PA - September 20, 2012 - Girl Develop It, a non-profit organization encouraging women to enter the software development industry, is hosting a social for local women at Branding Brand, the leading developer of mobile commerce sites and apps. The event is open to all ages and experience levels and takes place on Thursday, September 27 at 7 pm. To register, visit

Girl Develop It Pittsburgh co-founders, Lindsey Bieda, a developer at Branding Brand, and Julie Pagano, a developer at Vivisimo, saw the need for more women in their field and sought to open a local chapter. Bieda and Pagano help to organize socials, classes, and code-and-coffee meetups for women who are interested in software and web development. “We’re excited for the opportunity to host an event with a company like Branding Brand, a leader in the space and a supporter of our cause,” said Bieda.

According to Branding Brand co-founder, Christina Koshzow, the group plays a critical role in breaking down stereotypes and improving access to education. “Everyone can benefit from understanding how to code,” said Koshzow. “I’m excited to share this opportunity with our team and encourage women around the city to get involved.”

Girl Develop It is a global organization with chapters in cities including New York, San Francisco, and Sydney. The group teaches classes, builds community, and provides women with resources for coding education. For more information, visit:

Branding Brand powers mobile commerce sites and apps for the world's leading brands, including American Eagle Outfitters, Costco, Crate & Barrel, Dick's Sporting Goods, GNC, Ralph Lauren, and Sephora. Based in Pittsburgh, PA, it is the largest and fastest-growing mobile commerce platform provider in the industry. It is also a Google Commerce Search Partner, Google Wallet Partner, and PayPal Channel Partner. For more information, visit

Branding Brand Partners with Google Wallet to Improve Mobile Checkout (Press Release)

Branding Brand today announced that it has installed the first working example of the new Google Wallet for mobile. The demo will be on display at the Google booth (#217) during the 2012 Annual Summit from September 10-12 at theColorado Convention Center.

Branding Brand powers mobile commerce sites and apps for over 100 retailers worldwide. Today, a post on the Google Commerce blog announced Branding Brand as a platform partner.

The new version of Google Wallet improves mobile shopping by allowing users to quickly make purchases on their smartphones without entering lengthy credit card information. Shoppers can also authorize Google Wallet as their default payment method, enjoy instant payments without leaving the retailer's website, and log into merchant sites using their Google account.

"When it comes to mobile commerce sites, retailers often inherit infrastructure," said Chris Mason, co-founder and CEO of Branding Brand. "Our platform's ability to replace these building blocks with third-party modules means that you don't have to keep the old checkout your site was born with."


Branding Brand powers mobile commerce sites and apps for the world's leading brands, including American Eagle Outfitters, Anthropologie, The Children's Place, Costco, Crate & Barrel, Dick's Sporting Goods,, Eastern Mountain Sports, GNC, Ralph Lauren, Sephora, Steve Madden, Timberland, Tumi, and West Marine. Based in Pittsburgh, PA, it is the largest and fastest-growing mobile commerce platform provider in the industry. It is also a Google Commerce Search Partner, Google Wallet Partner, and PayPal Channel Partner. For more information, visit

5 Common Mobile Commerce Mistakes (Mobile Commerce Daily)

Yes, QR codes are great.

When done correctly the end result can be beneficial for both marketers and consumers.

However, many companies are not using the technology properly and leading consumers to broken links or unoptimized pages.

Additionally, many users are still not educated with how to properly use QR codes and without a call-to-action, the campaign has no merit.

“The QR code black hole,” said Chris Mason, cofounder/CEO of Branding Brand. “Although QR codes are trendy, and effective when used properly, consumers are being conditioned to ignore them.

“Too many campaigns send people to broken links, non-mobilized pages, or unrelated content,” he said. “If you are going to use a QR code, make it count.

“The call-to-action and value has to be clear.”

Ralph Lauren Drives Sales via French Mobile Site (Mobile Commerce Daily)

Ralph Lauren has debuted its French mobile site that lets fashionable consumers shop the latest trends.

The company tapped Branding Brand to help execute the mobile site. By expanding globally, Ralph Lauren is able to reach a majority of consumers.

“A mobile site is a smart move because the customers are already there,” said Chris Mason, cofounder/CEO of Branding Brand. “They’re at your door, the question is whether or not you let them in,” he said.

“In July, 2010, we saw smartphones averaging around 4 percent of total retailer traffic,” he said. “Now, it’s at nearly 20 percent across all clients. A good mobile site can improve customer experience and enhance convenience.

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