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Mobile continues to remain a priority — and mobile and tablet behavior are tracked separately, according to Murphy. She said the company has a good idea of how customers use the devices differently — but driving sales is not really the primary focus with mobile.

“If you think about the way people use devices, it changes the business of retail. Our strategy is about that. It’s not necessarily about transactions, it’s trying to bring our world into their device in a way that makes sense,” Murphy said.

She stressed that the goal is for mobile to mirror the in-store experience. Features such as added product ratings and reviews are available so shoppers can look up such information while they are in the store.

Tablet Users Are Big Spenders Compared to Smartphone Users (Mobile Marketer)

“Tablets are not desktops, and the leaders in the space are treating them differently,” said Joey Rahimi, co-founder and chief information officer of Branding Brand, Pittsburgh, PA. “When we build a tablet-optimized site for a client, it actually converts better than simply displaying the desktop version.  

“Now that they have smartphone sites, many of our brands are coming to us for tablet-optimized sites,” he said. “Compared to desktop, these tablet sites are cleaner, easier to navigate, visual, and faster.

“They also incorporate key tablet functionality that users expect, such as larger, tappable links, easy swiping, and portrait and landscape views. On aggregate, when our clients launch a tablet-optimized site, conversion increases by 10 percent.”

...Branding Brand also reports that tablet shoppers are proving to be big spenders.

“Branding Brand’s January 2013 numbers show that tablet users are spending 13 percent more than smartphone users,” Mr. Rahimi. “This month, the average order size on tablets was $107, compared to $94 on smartphones.

“Tablet commerce will continue to grow,” he said. “According to our data, tablets will account for 14 percent of all online visits and 15 percent of online revenue by December 2013; this represents a year-over-year growth of 40 percent and 50 percent respectively.”

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