Spring Training Report: Baseball Searches Increase 153% on Mobile

Spring is boosting thoughts of getting active outdoors. From January 1 to March 26, mobile searches related to warm-weather sports increased an average of 65% for five sporting goods retailers running on Branding Brand's platform.
Baseball was in full swing with the largest mobile search increase of 153%. Biking increased 76%, and soccer increased 54%. Golf came in close behind with a 44% increase, and running increased just 1%. Skiing and snowboarding mobile searches decreased significantly at -64%, following by yoga at -29% and football at -25%. 
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Apple Watch Introduces New Opportunities for Retailers

Apple wearables are on the horizon, giving retailers even more opportunities to connect with their customers.

On Monday, Apple announced that its first wearable - the Apple Watch - will be available on April 24. The Watch can send and receive calls, texts, reminders, and alerts. It can connect with the 75 percent of iOS devices on the market today that are running iOS 8, according to Apple’s App Store. Currently, Watch apps require an iPhone app.

"Consumers are increasingly expecting technology to keep up with the pace of their lives," explained Branding Brand's Director of Product Anna Lawrence. "The balance most retailers will need to master is how to offer engaging content and functionality at the right time and the right place."

Previously, Apple Pay required iPhone 6 or 6 Plus; however, Apple Watch enables Apple Pay for iPhone 5 and later, which allows even more iOS users to use contactless payments.

If you already have an iOS app, consider these options for your on-the-go users:

  • Personalized reminders to take vitamins or reorder products
  • Notifications for daily deal, back-in-stock wishlist item, or shipped order

Do you have beacons or a retail associate app? Simplify the shopping experience with enhanced features, like: 

  • Shopping list with aisle and product finder
  • Apple Pay
  • Associate reminders for client appointments

If you don't already have an iOS app, contact us. We'll help get you on the market.

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February Mobile Commerce Index is Live

Love is in the air, particularly for Android users. Average Android conversion increased 8% in the two weeks leading up to Valentine’s Day; iOS conversion increased 3%, according to Branding Brand’s February 2015 Mobile Commerce Index.

In February 2015, smartphones generated 40% of total online visits. Smartphone's share of total online revenue increased 55% from February 2014 to February 2015. View the entire report here.

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