This Week at Branding Brand: September 24-30


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Retail News You Need to Know: September 26-30

Weekly News Roundup

Here's what our team is reading this week... 

Bye, BlackBerry
BlackBerry was too slow to change with the times, so it stopped making phones (BBC NewsWIRED). Its future points to software (TechCrunch). Is Apple Inc. capitalizing on BlackBerry's corporate-services windfall (Reuters, Financial Times)?

Scan and Go!
Giving new meaning to self checkout, Sam's Club has activated a new scan and go service in all of its 645 U.S. stores (The Street, Retail DIVE).

Consumer Alert
Last week it was exploding phones, now Samsung washing machines are posing a consumer threat. The Washington Post cited Branding Brand’s Samsung consumer survey and interviewed Company CEO, Chris Mason, for its report yesterday. 

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[PRESS] Samsung Consumer Survey Featured in Washington Post

The Washington Post

In a story about Samsung quality control, the Washington Post highlighted Branding Brand's Samsung consumer survey and interviewed company Co-founder and CEO, Chris Mason. 

Here's an excerpt: 

A survey from strategy and design firm Branding Brand found that 34 percent of Samsung smartphone owners, drawn to the quality of its products, said they would not buy another phone from the company in light of the Galaxy Note 7 recall. That could be particularly damaging as Samsung, like other tech rivals, moves into a consumer electronics world, where everything is connected. Some washers that are affected by this defect can connect to users' smartphones, using the firm's "SmartCare" diagnostic technology.
If consumers have doubts about one of a company's products, it can be damaging to the whole ecosystem of devices, said Chris Mason, chief executive and co-founder of Branding Brand.
"When one of those dominoes falls, it could have cascading effects," he said.

Read the full story here.


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Top 10 Retail Trends You Need to Know: September 2016

September introduced several new shopping experiences with augmented and virtual reality and new ways to pay online with Apple Pay and Facebook Messenger.

Industry Trend #1
Virtual reality meets retail
Amazon BBI announced a new virtual shopping project set to launch in 2016, potentially impacting the future of retail experiences.
Read more

Industry Trend #2
Augmented reality looks good on you
Top beauty retailers L'Oreal BBI and Ulta BBI use augmented reality for fun, interactive shopping experiences.
Read more

Industry Trend #3See now, buy now
Designers struggled to make New York Fashion Week shoppable, sparking a conversation about e-commerce best practices in the industry.
Read more

Industry Trend #4
Happy holidays
Good news, retailers: "Christmas Creep" has parents shopping early this year. Nearly half have already started.
Read more

Industry Trend #5
The future of conversational commerce
Facebook announced it's now accepting payment cards on Messenger. Research hints that it targets millennials. 
Read more

Industry Trend #6
Easy web payments
Originally introduced for mobile apps, Apple Pay is now on the web via Safari for iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch, and Mac. 
Read more

Industry Trend #7
Pepperoni, please
Pushing the boundaries of e-commerce, Domino's launched a pizza-ordering bot through Facebook Messenger. 
Read more

Industry Trend #8
New iPhone reveal
The iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus debuted with several new features, including the removal of the headphone jack and a better camera. 
Read more

Industry Trend #9
Gadget glitches
Replacement Samsung Galaxy Note 7 phones arrived following a recall due to explosive batteries. 
Read more

Industry Trend #10
Android announcement
Loaded with 250 new features, Android's new operating system, Nougat, rolled out to Nexus phones. 
Read more

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Survey: Samsung Consumer Confidence Down Following Galaxy Note7 Recall

Samsung Galaxy Note7

The Galaxy Note7 recall put a dent in Samsung consumer confidence, with 34% of current customers saying they won’t buy another smartphone from the brand. Of these customers, 81% have always owned a Samsung or Android smartphone.

Following the September 15 U.S. recall of the Galaxy Note7 — due to concerns over faulty batteries that may explode in these devices — Branding Brand, the world’s leading mobile e-commerce platform, surveyed 1,000 Samsung smartphone customers to understand consumer confidence and loyalty with the brand.

Will Customers Stay Loyal?
Of the Samsung customers that will stay loyal to the brand, 77% say it’s because they don’t want to learn a new phone. Other reasons Samsung customers cited for staying loyal with the brand include:

  • Style (52%)
  • Options to customize experience (44%)
  • Battery life (39%)
  • Cost (35%)
  • Dislike of other smartphone brands (28%)

“Samsung consumers say battery life is a key to their loyalty with the brand; however it’s the same reason for the drop in confidence,” said Chris Mason, Co-founder and CEO of Branding Brand. “Battery power is, and will continue to be, a big factor in smartphone technology development.”

Or, Will They Switch Brands?
Most Samsung owners who say they are ready to switch will choose another Android phone (57%), but many will move to iPhone (34%). Of current Samsung owners, 21% were previously iPhone owners.

About the Survey
Branding Brand releases periodic surveys to understand the technologies mobile shopping customers use to make purchases. This online survey was conducted from Sept. 21-22, 2016, with 1,000 U.S. respondents ages 18-65, who currently own a Samsung smartphone.

To learn more about our methodology, contact

About Branding Brand
Branding Brand is the retail industry's largest mobile e-commerce platform, powering online and in-store shopping experiences for over 200 enterprise brands. In addition to being named a Gartner "Cool Vendor" of apps, the Company was also named a 2016 Forrester Wave Leader in "Mobile Commerce and Engagement Platforms."

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This Week at Branding Brand: September 17-23


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Retail News You Need to Know: September 19-23

Weekly News Roundup

Here's what our team is reading this week... 

Exploding Phones
Consumers impacted by the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 recall can choose to replace it with a new Note 7 starting this week (Wall Street Journal, Business Insider). The recall — due to faulty batteries with potential to explode in the phone — has impacted 2.5 million phones worldwide (USA Today, FORTUNE).

Christmas Creep
Holiday hiring is up at major retailers due to this year’s anticipated e-commerce explosion (MarketWatch, CNBC). Target’s trying a new in-store strategy to boost digital shopping (Business Insider). The “Christmas Creep” has shoppers — especially parents — buying early this year (Money Magazine).

iOS 10 Adoption
Earlier this week, and only days after launch, Apple’s iOS 10 was running on 20% of all iOS devices (FORTUNE). The biggest changes for the latest Apple operating system are to iMessage, Photos, Music, Maps, and News (The Verge). 


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How to Look Your Best in the App Store

According to over 1,000 app shoppers, reviews, ratings, and descriptions are what they look at most before downloading a mobile shopping app.

Getting people to download your app is one of the hardest parts about creating mobile apps. Have you ever wondered what helps them decide? 

Here's how over 1,000 people ranked what matters most in the App Store when downloading a mobile shopping app:
  1. Reviews
  2. Ratings
  3. Description
  4. Quality screenshots
  5. Demo video
  6. Corresponding Apple Watch app

To figure out how top shopping apps are getting tens of thousands of downloads each day, let’s take a look at a few of the most downloaded retail apps to see what they have in common.


Even though App Store reviews are meant to give brands an understanding of how they can make their apps better or where they're already exceeding expectations, many people use this forum as a way to give their shopping experience feedback.

Positive reviews often credit retailers with good customer service and fast shipping.


Like reviews, people commonly make the App Store a place to rate their experiences with retailers. Many of the most downloaded and Apple-featured apps have 4.5- or 5-star ratings from their users. 


Top shopping apps typically include the following information when writing their app descriptions:
  • Discounts you'll find
  • What you can accomplish
  • How you'll benefit
  • Unique features

This isn't just important for potential downloads. Apple uses your metadata to create Apple Search Ads. Leave your brand's boilerplate out of it, or save it for the end.

Quality screenshots

Many of the most downloaded shopping apps in the App Store display about 10 images, which are frequently captioned to highlight the app's features.

Demo video

Most mobile shopping apps don't provide a demo video, but featured shopping apps seem more likely to have one. Although this could be a coincidence, including a demo video with your iOS app could help you get featured by Apple.

Corresponding Apple Watch app

Only a handful of popular shopping apps have an Apple Watch app. Although shopping on an Apple Watch app may not provide the best user experience, notifying your customers of their order status or sales with a simple but smart push notification is a great way to keep your brand top of mind.

Learn more about mobile shopping apps. Get a sneak peek of what else people had to say about mobile shopping apps or download the highlights from the survey.

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Why Retailers Are Jumping at the Opportunity to Implement Apple Pay

Because of the growing amount of online sales and Apple Pay's in-app success, many retailers have already made the leap to add it to their websites.Source: Digital Trends

Initially released two years ago, Apple Pay was introduced into shopping apps for easier and more secure payments, and last week, Apple Pay made its way on the web.

Apple believes apps are the future, but the company can’t deny that most of e-commerce happens on the web. Last year, shoppers spent $341.7 billion on the web, according to the U.S. Department of Commerce.

Because of the growing amount of online sales and its in-app success, Apple decided to take its popular payment method to the web. Available on everyday devices, like iPhone, iPad, Mac, and Apple Watch, Apple Pay will no doubt make its mark on the retail industry.

Many retailers have already made the leap to add Apple Pay to their sites, including:

Apple Pay Benefits for Retailers

About 1 in 4 shoppers are interested in using Apple Pay to purchase in store and over half are interested in purchasing in-app via Apple Pay. 

According to Apple, many retailers claim Apple Pay helped them increase conversion and acquire new customers, and the company says Apple Pay typically has a 97% customer satisfaction rate.

Additionally, there's a new opportunity to send rich SMS to your customers with Apple Pay in iOS 10.


Apple Pay Benefits for Shoppers

A survey found that 36% of millennials don't purchase online due to the risk of fraud. Apple Pay guarantees shoppers a safe and secure way to buy online because the credit card number is never stored. 

Additionally, there's nothing new for customers to learn. Apple Pay on the web and in apps provides a consistent user experience with one-touch checkout and no data entry required.

Eager to implement Apple Pay on your sites and apps before Black Friday? Let us know.

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This Week at Branding Brand: September 10-16

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Retail News You Need to Know: September 12-16

Weekly News Roundup

Here's what our team is reading this week... 

Facebook E-commerce
Turning the corner in its conversational commerce efforts, Facebook announced this week it’s accepting payment cards within Messenger (Forbes, Engadget). Domino’s is a pioneer for the new e-commerce tool (Venture Beat, Consumerist).

Sold Out, Already?
Consumers really want Apple’s new phone, as evidenced by the sell-out of all iPhone 7 Plus models and the iPhone 7 in jet black (Fox News, MacWorld). Reviewers are ok with ditching the headphone jack (Quartz, BGR).

Apple Pay on Web
Beginning with the iOS 10 update this week, support for the mobile payment system will soon be available on both mobile and desktop Apple devices (The Verge, Business Insider). Apple Pay is adding more partners as it grows (DigitalTrends)

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[PRESS] Apple Consumer Survey Featured in MarketWatch

Branding Brand's Apple Consumer Survey Featured in MarketWatch

Branding Brand's consumer survey data was featured in an article from MarketWatch about Apple predicting a sellout of the newest iPhone 7 and 7 Plus. 

"Other analysts believe Apple’s accessories, such as its $159 AirPods, will help to improve margins despite what many believe will be a middling iPhone upgrade cycle. However, consumers have so far reacted negatively to the wireless earbuds. In a survey of 1,000 iPhone users by Branding Brand, which offers consumer shopping data to brands, 88% of respondents said they were not excited about the removal of the headphone jack in the iPhone 7."

Read the full story here!

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New Launch: Bluemercury Responsive Site


Congratulations to the team at Bluemercury on its brand new responsive website!

VP of Digital and Omnichannel Jennifer DiMotta announced her team's launch on LinkedIn:

We launched a new experience for yesterday. New design, new platform, new integrations, etc. So much more than a website redesign and so much more fulfilling too! I believe our result is pretty fantastic. Lots of little optimizations and work for us but that's all part of the future fun of this.

Interested in launching or optimizing your website or app?

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A Close-up on the Most Downloaded Apparel and Accessories Apps

Based on our consumer survey and popular shopping app reviews, here's what people want from apparel and accessories apps.

59% have previously purchased from an apparel and accessories app, ranking them second behind delivery and takeout food apps, according to a consumer survey of over 1,000 iPhone shoppers.

However, it might surprise you to find that the most downloaded apparel and accessories apps, like Forever 21 BBI, H&M, and Urban Outfitters BBI, aren’t among the highest rated.


Unfortunately for these retailers, the most common complaints across these popular mobile shopping apps are crashing and slow loading—the top 2 reasons people delete apps.

Don’t get discouraged, apparel and accessories retailers. Your customers have spoken, and here’s what they want based on our consumer survey and your app reviews:

Sneak Peek! How to Get People to Download and Use Your App

Browsing & purchasing

This one may seem like common sense, but right now, H&M customers are furious that they can’t find a way to purchase from the mobile app and Forever 21’s customers can’t seem to get any product images to load. 70% want to browse products, and 74% expect to be able to purchase those products.

Order tracking

From the initial confirmation down to the order status (i.e., processing, shipping, delivery), shoppers want retailers to be fully transparent about what’s going on with their orders and want to look at their order history. 74% of shoppers say they expect order tracking to be incorporated into a shopping app.

Rewards tracking

This is especially important for your loyal customers. Whether you offer points, free items, or discounts, shoppers expect to track what they’ve earned through shopping with you. 73% say rewards tracking is crucial to the in-app shopping experience.

Adding to wish list

Your customers want to purchase, but they can’t buy everything at once. Turn this opportunity into a potential future sale with the wish list feature. 74% want the wish list feature in a mobile shopping app, and 36% say they’re interested in using it in a retailer’s store.

Get a free copy of our consumer survey highlights to learn more about how to get people to download and use your app.

Download the report

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This Week at Branding Brand: September 3-9


Thanks @thepretzelshop for fueling our watch party for today's #AppleEvent #pretzelbites 😛

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Retail News You Need to Know: September 5-9

Weekly News Roundup

Here's what our team is reading this week... 

Fashion Week Tech
Google’s ‘Shop the Look’ allows catwalk brands to float images above typical search results during the coming fashion weeks (AdWords, TechCrunch, New York Times). Making fashion week shoppable might not be that great of an idea, reports Glossy

iPhone 7 is Here
Among other updates, this week Apple launched the highly anticipated iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus. AirPods are included, storage is boosted, and the camera is better (New York TimesWIRED). Branding Brand’s consumer survey found that only 12% of consumers are happy about the removed headjack

Subway is moving an entire e-commerce platform in-house, demonstrating a major investment in what it sees as a key source of revenue (Mobile Commerce Daily, Chain Store Age).

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[PRESS] Apple Event Coverage on Yahoo, The Wrap


Yahoo News and The Wrap featured Branding Brand's consumer survey data within a round up of Apple's special event yesterday: 

Apple is fighting a bit of an uphill battle when it comes to the iPhone. A consumer survey from firm Branding Brand on Aug. 30 found a nearly even split among respondents as to who plans on trading in their current iPhone for an iPhone 7 — 49 percent said no, and 51 percent said yes. And only 12 percent of those survey-takers cared about the lack of a headphone jack.

Read the full article here!

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[FREE DOWNLOAD] A Retailer's Guide to Apple's Special Event

The Apple Watch Series 2, iPhone 7, and iPhone 7 Plus took center stage at Apple's annual product announcement this year. Source: Apple

The Apple Watch Series 2, iPhone 7, and iPhone 7 Plus took center stage at Apple's annual product announcement this year. 

Download the Apple Special Event Recap

To kick things off, Apple revealed that its App Store has generated over 140 billion downloads to date. In fact, the App Store experienced a 106% year-over-year increase in downloads from July through August, giving retailers even more reason to create incredible app experiences to break through the noise.

The company spoke briefly about the capabilities real-time collaboration with iWork before they introduced what everyone was waiting for...

Apple Watch Series 2

Now only second to Rolex for worldwide watch revenue, the Apple Watch is the top smartwatch in the world, according to Apple. 

Apple is tailoring the Apple Watch Series 2 to fitness fanatics by making it water resistant, integrating GPS, and partnering with Nike+ to create new athletic bands.

Pre-order begins on September 9, and they’ll ship on September 16.

iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus

Retailers can rejoice for the A10 Fusion Chip in the new iPhone 7 and 7 Plus, which lets people engage with apps without killing their batteries, and product photos will look great on the retina display, which is 25% brighter and shows a wider color range than the iPhone 6 series.

The iPhone 7 Plus has dual-cameras—a wide-angle lens and a telephoto lens—and is able to zoom up to 10x.

iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus have iOS 10 pre-installed. Other compatible devices (iPhone 5 and older) can upgrade on September 13.

Pre-order begins on September 9, and shipping starts on September 16.

See what else you missed at the Apple Special Event.

Download the Apple Special Event Recap

Before the event, we surveyed 1,000 iPhone owners to learn how they felt about Apple's rumored announcements. Find out what they said.

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[PRESS] Will Smartphone Owners Line up for Apple's iPhone 7?

iPhone users are split on buying the next iPhone model

An eMarketer article included findings from Branding Brand's survey about how consumers feel about the next iPhone and Apple Watch, including a quote from CEO, Chris Mason. 

Here's a clip from the story: 

But it seems iPhone owners are on the fence about buying the newest model. According to research from Branding Brand, which builds mobile commerce sites and apps for retailers, 51% of respondents said they would trade in their current iPhone for the latest model. Interestingly, however, nearly the same percentage said they would not.
“Apple customers have been hesitant to upgrade their smartphones this year,” said Chris Mason, co-founder and CEO of Branding Brand. “In March, there was high anticipation that Apple would launch its newest generation of iPhones, but the 4-inch iPhone SE felt like a step back for consumers that enjoy more innovative Apple products.”

Read the full story here.

Learn more:

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[PRESS] What Apple's New iPhone Means for e-Retailers

Internet Retailer featured results from Branding Brand's survey about how consumers feel about the next iPhone and Apple Watch.

Internet Retailer featured results from Branding Brand's survey about how consumers feel about the next iPhone and Apple Watch, and what that means for retailers: 

51% of current iPhone owners plan to upgrade to the newest version of the device, according to an online survey in August of 1,000 iPhone owners ages 18-65 by mobile technology vendor Branding Brand.

For the Apple Watch, Apple is expected to announce updates that include a GPS chip for more accurate fitness tracking, a processor that can launch apps more quickly and the ability to use Apple Pay within the smartwatch’s apps. 11% of iPhone consumers currently have an Apple Watch, according to the Branding Brand Survey.

Read the full article here!

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[PRESS] Brander Spotlight on Mobile Security

Information Security Director — Alex Cline

Branding Brand's Director of Information Security, Alex Cline, was interviewed by CSO about the importance of addressing security issues on smartphones. 

Here's a clip: 

Alex Cline, director of Information Security for Branding Brand, a mobile commerce platform, agreed that the timing is right for addressing security issues, arguing that there are those who have a greater need to address potential attack vectors before their data is compromised.

"Smartphones have become an extension of ourselves and are integral into our everyday lives," says Cline. "For the same reasons we have security systems installed in our homes, we look for mobile devices with the capability to withstand attacks. Those with access to sensitive and valuable information are at higher risk if that data were to be exposed, therefore they look for smartphones that meet a higher threshold for security and privacy."

Full story here

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[PRESS] 'An Apple a Day' — FORTUNE Features More of Consumer Survey

Get ready for a New iPhone on September 7

Among its many updates on the biggest Apple news of the week, FORTUNE included Branding Brand's findings from a recent consumer survey about Apple's anticipated product launch this month: 

Apple could announce a new Apple Watch at its upcoming event. However, whether the device will catch on with consumers remains to be seen. Eighty-three percent of current iPhone owners have no interest in buying a second-generation Apple Watch, app and mobile shopping company Branding Brand said this week. In its survey of iPhone owners, the company found that “nothing” could make a third of all iPhone owners change their mind about Apple’s next wearable. One other tidbit from the survey: Only half of existing iPhone owners plan to buy the iPhone 7.

Read the full article here!

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How to Use the BBI to Drive Your Digital Strategy

The Branding Brand Index qualitatively measuring a brand’s shopping experience from the customer’s perspective.

People continue to expect more from their shopping experiences and you as a retailer as the industry evolves.

Everyone uses analytics and KPIs to measure their performance online, but there’s one thing that’s missing: the human element. Shoppers are people, not numbers.

That’s why we created the Branding Brand Index.

The BBI turns shopping into a science by qualitatively measuring a brand’s shopping experience from the customer’s perspective to help digital retailers identify where they can improve the user experience to drive higher conversion rates and revenue.

Using the BBI, you can measure:
  • Usability
  • Performance
  • Content & Features
  • Marketing & Engagement
  • Merchasing
  • Omnichannel

The Branding Brand Index takes desktop, tablet, and mobile sites and apps into account to determine your score. Additionally, you’ll see where you excel, where to focus your efforts, and how to improve your score. What’s more is you’ll actually be able to compare yourself to the competition.

Start exploring the BBI today.  

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This Week at Branding Brand: August 27 - September 2


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Retail News You Need to Know: August 29-September 2

Weekly News Roundup

Here's what our team is reading this week... 

What's New on the 7th?
iPhone and Apple Watch 2 speculation and excitement grows ahead of Apple’s Special Event on Sept. 7 (Engadget, The Verge). Branding Brand’s consumer survey on the topic was featured in FORTUNE this week.

3D Shopping
Inverse reports that Amazon “will launch a physical and digital Virtual Reality shopping experience.” Beauty retailers, like L’Oreal and Ulta, use augmented reality for fun customer experiences (Glossy).

New Android OS
Nougat, Android’s new operating system, began rolling out to Nexus phones. Quick text replies, split-screen apps, and extended battery life are among the updates (Wall Street Journal, USA Today).

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Will Apple's Next Special Event Flop?

The invitation might reflect how people are feeling about the lack of innovation in the next-generation devicesSource: Apple

With Apple’s save-the-dates officially sent for its next special event, we combed through the rumor mill and sorted through the speculation to figure out what we can all expect on September 7.

The easiest—and most obvious—expectation is that the newest iPhone will be the main event. Most likely dubbed the iPhone 7, many sources claim Apple’s latest smartphone will look almost identical to the iPhone 6s and 6s Plus but will sport a new press-sensitive home button and lose the headphones jack.

By far the most anticipated feature for the next iPhone is a dual-lens camera; however, some sources say that the dual lens may be reserved for the iPhone 7 Plus. It’s also probable that Apple will ditch its entry-level 16GB smartphone for 32GB.

The Apple Watch 2 is expected to look much like its predecessor, which was originally introduced 2 years ago, but it’s supposed to be faster and have GPS tracking.

Overall, Apple isn’t really introducing anything revolutionary, which brings us to the invitation...

Although many are speculating that the invitation hints to the new dual-lens camera, CNN noted the lack of enthusiasm in Apple’s invitations to the press:

“Apple's invitation lacks the usual tag line, which usually gives some vague hint as to the topic, or even just a sense of excitement. Instead, it says ‘See you on the 7th,’ without so much as an exclamation mark.”

Apple isn’t the only one who seems less than impressed by this year’s event. The invitation might reflect how people are feeling about the lack of innovation in the next-generation devices.

According to our consumer survey, only half of iPhone owners plan to upgrade to the iPhone 7 when it’s released, and a meager 17% plan to buy the Apple Watch 2.

Learn more about the consumer outlook on Apple’s next event in our consumer survey.

Our Apple event survey in the news:
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