This Week at Branding Brand: December 24-30


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Retail News You Need to Know: December 26-30

Weekly News Roundup

Here's what our team is reading this week... 

Return Hassles
The return rate for online purchases ranges from 15%-30%, and the process can be a hassle for both retailers and shoppers (Chicago Tribune, The Wall Street Journal)

Prime Holiday
Amazon quintupled its sales over last holiday season and shipped more than 1 billion items with Prime around the world between November 1 to December 19 (CNET, CNBC).

iPhone, iPad Wins
Apple’s mobile devices led the pack in activations ahead of Christmas, followed by Samsung and Huawei (VentureBeat, FORTUNE).

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This Week at Branding Brand: December 17-23


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Retail News You Need to Know: December 19-23

Weekly News Roundup

Here's what our team is reading this week... 

Procrastinator's Delight
Qualifying items on Amazon can be ordered as late as 9:45 p.m. on Saturday and arrive in time for Christmas (CNBC). In-store pickup will gain momentum in the remaining hours of holiday shopping (Quartz)

Be Scientific
According to The New York Times, there's a science to giving the perfect gift. Scroogenomics suggests that giving cash boosts the economy (CNBC). The Wall Street Journal tracked the best time to buy specific items over the course of the holiday season.

Super Saturday?
The Saturday before Christmas weekend was the busiest shopping day of the year (FORTUNE); however, some researchers predict today will be bigger (Yahoo Finance).

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NRF: How Mobile and Big Data are Changing Retail Marketing

Big Data-1.png
Source: NRF

The National Retail Federation (NRF) featured Chris Mason, CEO of Branding Brand, in story about how mobile and data converge to build consumer brand loyalty. Chris is slated to further discuss this topic at NRF's Retail's Big Show on Jan. 15-17, 2017. 

Here's a clip: 

For many retailers, mobile has shifted from a long-term consideration to the driving force for growth, delivering new customers and revenues — right now. “Mobile is the primary growth channel, traffic channel and soon to be revenue channel for e-commerce,” says Chris Mason, CEO and co-founder of Branding Brand, a digital platform that helps retailers build app, web and in-store shopping experiences. “New customers typically first interact with a brand online through mobile web and once they become a loyal customer, adopt their app,” he says.

Read the full story and learn how to register for NRF's Retail's Big Show. 

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Top 10 Retail Trends You Need to Know: December 2016


Industry Trend #1
Chatbots: Santa's helpers
Chatbots made their holiday debut with the help of Nordstrom. Using a series of questions and emojis, people can find the perfect gift through December 24.
Read more

Industry Trend #2
Solving for holiday returns
To reduce returns this holiday, retailers let gifters send a digital gift, which can be customized by the recipient before it's ever shipped.
See more

Industry Trend #3
Stores on double duty
To avoid order fulfillment failures, Toys "R" Us transformed nearly 900 of its stores into shipment centers this holiday season.
Read more

Industry Trend #4
The trick to beating Amazon
BOPIS may be the key to competing with Amazon. Target says 1 in 3 customers coming in for a pickup order buy additional items.
Read more

Industry Trend #5
E.L.F.: Experience List Formulator
A holiday-themed mobile concierge helps Mall of America guests plan an itinerary based on interests and how much time they have.
Read more

Industry Trend #6
"Just Walk Out" technology
While many retailers are questioning brick-and-mortar, Amazon introduced Amazon Go, a grocery store that features no lines and no checkout.
Read more

Industry Trend #7
Fake apps for the holidays
Shoppers eager to purchase gifts on a mobile app were urged to proceed with caution amidst the launch of hundreds of fake shopping apps.
Read more

Industry Trend #8
Digital conquers in-store 
Although in-store Thanksgiving and Black Friday declined year-over-year, online sales soared and exceeded expectations.
Read more

Industry Trend #9
Mobile: holiday's secret weapon
Black Friday beat out Cyber Monday on smartphone sales this year. Overall, mobile revenue grew 30% compared to Cyber Five 2015.
Read more

Industry Trend #10
The future of the smartwatch
Fitbit purchased Pebble despite global research firm IDC's report, which states that "smartwatches will continue to struggle in the near term."
Read more

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L2 Ranks Fashion's Leaders In Digital

L2 Digital IQ Index Fashion 2016.png
Source: L2

Business intelligence firm, L2 recently released its annual Digital IQ Index: Fashion that quantifies and ranks the digital competence of 85 U.S. luxury brands.

Cole Haan, Ralph Lauren, and Kate Spade are among the Branding Brand clients represented in the top 10 — all holding a "Gifted" status for their digital efforts.  

Scores were determined based on a retailer's performance in four categories, including site and e-commerce, digital marketing, social media, and mobile. 


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Your Favorite Branding Brand Moments of 2016

From taking the White House Equal Pay Pledge to discovering fake shopping apps in the App Store, our team covered a lot of ground this year. 

Here are our most-liked moments on Instagram:


Headed to our annual #offsite at Ohiopyle! #regram @samw29 @brandingbrand #ohiopyle2016 is officially underway! ☀️🌊

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This Week at Branding Brand: December 10-16


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Retail News You Need to Know: December 12-16

Weekly News Roundup

Here's what our team is reading this week... 

Gift Digitally
E-gifting offers recipients control to either accept a digital gift from their inbox, or modify things like color and size, before an item is shipped their way. They can also choose to exchange or return (CNBC, Bloomberg)

Chat to Personalize
Chatbots help Nordstrom and Sephora customers find the perfect gift (GlossyDigidayLuxury Daily). The Mall of America created a chatbot guide for shoppers (AdWeek). Social media and word-of-mouth helps millennials learn about unique gifts to buy (USA Today).

It's Crunch Time
Major retailers have revealed their earlier-than-last-year deadlines for online orders to be purchased and arrive by Christmas (Fortune). Shoppers are holding out for deals (Wall Street Journal). Branding Brand's consumer survey predicted that many shoppers would wait until later in the season to shop.

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Top 10 Shopping Apps of 2016

2016 Top Shopping Apps

Mobile apps are the keystone to completing the omnichannel shopping journey, but the hardest part is figuring out how to get people to download your mobile app and use it regularly.

According to App Annie, the top 10 shopping apps in Google Play and the App Store engage with a total of 148.4 million users each month. Here's a breakdown of their average monthly user base, open rate, and time spent in the app:


  • Total monthly active users: 56.2 million
  • Average monthly open rate: 61%
  • Average monthly time spent in app: 48 minutes

Amazon takes the cake for having most monthly active users (MAU)—27.7 million iPhone users and 28.5 million Android users each month. On average, 61% of the total user base who have the app open it—the highest of all shopping apps—and spend about 48 minutes in it each month. This is the only shopping app on the list where iPhone and Android app usage stats are almost identical. 


  • Total monthly active users: 25.3 million
  • Average monthly open rate: 53%
  • Average monthly time spent in app: 1 hour, 29 minutes

eBay has slightly more active Android users each month (14.2 million Android vs. 11.1 million iPhone). Of those who have the app downloaded to their smartphone, 58% of Droid users and 48% of iPhone users open it monthly. Although Android rules MAU and open rate, iPhone users spend more time in the app each month (1 hour, 37 minutes) compared to Android users (1 hour, 28 minutes).


  • Total monthly active users: 19 million
  • Average monthly open rate: 61%
  • Average monthly time spent in app: 23 minutes

Groupon has nearly double the monthly active iPhone users (12.1 million MAU) compared to Android (6.9 million MAU); however, the open rate is almost identical. On average, the mobile app has an open rate of 61%. iPhone shoppers spend about 27 minutes each month in the app, while Android shoppers spend about 20 minutes.


  • Total monthly active users: 18.1 million
  • Average monthly open rate: 56%
  • Average monthly time spent in app: 18 minutes

Nearly 2 in 3 active Walmart app shoppers use an Android smartphone. 67% of Android users who downloaded the app open it monthly—about 50% more than iPhone users—and the average Droid shopper spends 19 minutes each month in the Walmart app.


  • Total monthly active users: 7.9 million
  • Average monthly open rate: 47%
  • Average monthly time spent in app: 8 minutes

Although Walgreen's smartphone app is most actively used by iPhone users (5.3 million iPhone MAU vs. 2.6 million Android MAU), Android shoppers spend 2 minutes more in the app every month. 52% of the total Walgreens iPhone app installs are opened every month—23% more than Android's monthly open rate.


  • Total monthly active users: 6.8 million
  • Average monthly open rate: 55%
  • Average monthly time spent in app: 20 minutes

iPhone users are more loyal than Android users when it comes to the Kohl's shopping app. 4.2 million MAU are iPhone shoppers, who spend about 22 minutes in the app each month. The Kohl's iPhone app has an average monthly open rate of 60%, while Android is only at 51%.


  • Total monthly active users: 5.2 million
  • Average monthly open rate: 42%
  • Average monthly time spent in app: 33 minutes

Although Etsy's active users are almost split down the middle, the average monthly open rate is 53%—nearly 1.7x the iPhone open rate; however, Etsy iPhone app users spend about 38 minutes in the app each month—10 minutes more than Android users.


  • Total monthly active users: 4 million
  • Average monthly open rate: 37%
  • Average monthly time spent in app: 9 minutes

Although 2.4 million MAU use the Target iPhone app, Android users open it and use it more on a monthly basis. The Android open rate is 43% compared to iPhone's 32%, and Android shoppers spend 10 minutes more in the app every month (14 minutes on Android vs. 4 minutes on iPhone).

The Home Depot

  • Total monthly active users: 3.1 million
  • Average monthly open rate: 40%
  • Average monthly time spent in app: 20 minutes

Slightly more Android shoppers use The Home Depot app with 1.7 million MAU, and nearly half of Droid downloads are opened each month. However, iPhone users spend about 22 minutes in the app monthly, 5 minutes more than Android users.


  • Total monthly active users: 2.8 million
  • Average monthly open rate: 42%
  • Average monthly time spent in app: 9 minutes

Kroger has a much more loyal Android user base. Each month, 1.6 million Android shoppers use the mobile app and spend about 17 minutes engaging with it, while the 1.2 million iPhone users don't even spend 1 minute using the app. Nearly half of all Android app downloads are opened every month—only 35% iPhone app downloads are opened monthly.

Based on these top shopping apps, Android users tend to have a higher average monthly open rate (53% on Android vs. 46% on iPhone); however, the average time spent in the app each month is about 25 minutes on either device.

If you're looking for inspiration to create or optimize your mobile shopping app, these 10 retailers know what they're doing.

Learn more about apps

Take a look at why people download and use mobile apps. (Fun fact: People say they're faster and easier to use than sites.)


Creating or optimizing an app?

We'd like to help! We were named a Gartner "Cool Vendor" in app development


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Exclusive BBI Case Study: eBay

Exclusive BBI Case Study: eBay

The Branding Brand Index not only compares competing brands at a glance but also deeply analyzes a retailer's e-commerce experience. Retail giant eBay is pushing the boundaries of e-commerce by experimenting with virtual reality. 

At a glance
eBay, 72 BBI

  • Highest-scoring categories: Merchandising, Usability
  • Lowest-scoring categories: Content, Performance, Marketing, Omnichannel

Thumbs up
As a forward-thinking brand, eBay has been dabbling in 'emotional recognition technology' to analyze why shoppers are attracted to certain products. Recently, the brand also launched the world's first virtual reality department store. These consumer-focused initiatives match their intuitive website. Similar to Pinterest, eBay's homepage organizes items into collections, such as "Gifts for Trendsetters" or "Sneaker Showcase." Because of their user experience strategies, it's no surprise that this retailer scores highly in the Usability category. 

Thumbs down
In the Performance category, BBI data suggests this brand needs to make technical updates to improve functionality across channels. HTTPS coverage could be improved to protect sensitive shopper data. This retailer could also benefit from leveraging caching, which improves page loading speeds. 

Looking forward
eBay's technology-driven strategies are projected to pay off. As holiday shoppers make their final purchases, it'll be interesting to see how eBay's sales compare to the rest.

How will you provide high quality e-commerce experiences this holiday season?



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This Week at Branding Brand: December 3-9


The Lucky Charm marshmallow obsession is real 😋 #BranderLife #LuckyCharms #CharmedLife

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#Mobile: The star of the holiday shopping season 😉 🎄 #TreeTopper #TisTheSeason #BranderLife

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Retail News You Need to Know: December 5-9

Weekly News Roundup

Here's what our team is reading this week... 

Just Walk Out
There’s no need for shoppers to stand in line at Amazon Go stores. The concept, being tested in Seattle in early 2017, allows customers to grab-and-go from its store and get billed as they leave (USA Today, MarketWatch, CNN)

Ship From Stores
Toys "R" Us prepared almost 900 locations to ship holiday online orders because fullfillment centers couldn't handle the task alone last year (Wall Street Journal). In-store pickup could help major retailers compete with Amazon (NBC News).

Is the age of the gadget over now that "the Thing that does everything" is here to stay? The New York Times explores. Wearble technology leader, Fitbit aquired the key assets from pioneer smartwatch maker, Pebble (The Verge, LA Times).

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10 Blog Posts You Can't Miss in 2016


Here are the top 10 blog posts that our readers found helpful this year:

Survey: Google Pixel Takes a Bite Out of Samsung’s Declining Consumer Base

The fall of the Galaxy Note7 has Samsung’s smartphone customers seeking new brands. Now, 40% of current Samsung consumers say they won’t buy another phone from the brand — that’s a 6% increase since the first week of the the phone’s U.S. recall on Sept. 15.

Read the full post.

Branding Brand Acquires Waysay to Expand its Retail App Platform

Branding Brand, the world’s leading mobile commerce and engagement platform for retailer apps, today announced its acquisition of Waysay, a market disruptor in conversational commerce.

Read the full post.

Why It's More Important Than Ever to Have an App

Recently, there’s been a surge of fake apps parading around as real retailers and ruining the reputation that brands have established. Even worse, some developers are using Apple Search Ads to promote the unverified shopping apps.

Read the full post.

How Shoppers Can Spot a Fake App Before It's too Late

The dummy apps keep popping up — like what Chris Mason, CEO of Branding Brand calls "a game of whac-a-mole." As the holiday season approaches, here's how consumers can protect themselves from downloading potentially malicious apps from app stores, and report the ones that are questionable.  

Read the full post.

[PRESS] BGR: Survey Says 40% of Users Won't Buy Another Samsung Phone

BGR highlighted Branding Brand's Samsung consumer surveys in a feature: "E-commerce solutions provider Branding Brand just conducted a new survey between October 11th and October 12th following the official discontinuation of Samsung’s problematic Galaxy Note 7. The firm surveyed 1,020 US-based consumers who all owned Samsung phones, and it sought to determine how the company’s Note 7 fiasco impacted their future purchasing plans."

Read the full post.

Why You Need to Engage in Conversational Commerce

Conversational commerce is uncharted territory for many retailers and consumers alike, but with brands like Sephora and Taco Bell jumping in as early adopters in the space, they’re proving that no matter what you’re selling, consumers are interested in this new shopping model.

Read the full post.

[VIDEO] Consumers React to New, Smaller iPhone

Rumor is that Apple plans to announce a "new" 4-inch iPhone, which may possibly be named the iPhone 5se. Curious about how consumers would react, we surveyed over 1,000 online shoppers and found that 3 out of 4 of them don't want a smaller iPhone.

Read the full post.

[PRESS] Apple Consumer Study Now in Inc. Magazine

Inc. Magazine critiqued the rumored iPhone launch and included results from Branding Brand's Apple Consumer Survey: "A new survey by Branding Brand made the point quite clearly. In a survey of over 1,000 users across every age group from Millennials to Baby Boomers, a full 78% said they would not upgrade. The survey also found that, of those who currently have the iPhone 6 model, 88% do not plan to buy the 4-inch model."

Read the full post.

2016 Wave Released

Branding Brand, the world’s largest mobile commerce platform provider, today announced it has been named a leader in Forrester Research, Inc.'s report, "The Forrester Wave™: Mobile Commerce and Engagement Platforms, Q1 2016." Branding Brand is a leader in both report categories: Mobile Web and Mobile Apps.

Read the full post.

Brander Spotlight on Android Nougat

Google I/O is in full swing, and yesterday, the company first announced the new operating system as "Android N." Now called Nougat, the latest Android operating system will be a game-changer.

Read the full post.

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Branding Brand Joins White House Equal Pay Pledge


Today, Branding Brand signed the White House Equal Pay Pledge to join the effort to advance equal pay in U.S. companies. Since it launched the Equal Pay pledge earlier this year, 101 total U.S. businesses have pledged their commitment to gender pay equality in the workplace. 
Branding Brand's statement: 
Branding Brand proudly stands with the White House to make equal pay for equal work the rule, not the exception, for generations to come. By joining this pledge as the leading developer of mobile sites and apps for retailers, we hope to also bring awareness to help close the gender and diversity gaps that exist in the technology industry.
We empower our team to thrive by continuing to offer pay equality, maternity and paternity leave, flex schedules, and supporting each individual during life and career transitions. 
The full White House Press Release is available here. 
To learn more about employee benefits and available job openings at Branding Brand, visit its Careers page. 
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New Apps to the BBI in 2016

According to the BBI, Steve Madden, True Religion, Calvin Klein, Lush Cosmetics, and Warby Parker launched mobile apps in 2016.

The Branding Brand Index measures e-commerce experiences using data from the shopper's perspective, and according to the BBI, retailers—particularly those in the apparel and accessories industry—realized the important role of apps in their omnichannel strategy this year.

FREE DOWNLOAD: How to Get Consumers to Download and Use Your App

In 2016, most of these brands developed apps for both iPhones and Android smartphones, and based on their ratings and reviews, each brand seems to have executed their mobile app strategies well:

Steve Madden BBI
  • iOS: 4.5/5
  • Android: 4.3/5
Lush BBI
  • iOS: 4.5/5
  • Android: 4.7/5
Calvin Klein BBI
  • iOS: 4.5/5
  • Android: 4.6/5
True Religion BBI
  • iOS: 5/5
  • Android: 4.5
Warby Parker BBI
  • iOS: 4.5/6

86% of consumers download shopping apps at least once a month, which means that mobile apps will be even more important to retailers and their customers, especially with fake apps have surfacing in Google Play and the App Store. 

With an average rating of 4.6, the Steve Madden, Lush, Calvin Klein, True Religion, and Warby Parker apps are a good starting point for brands looking to release or optimize a mobile app.

Learn more about apps

We surveyed 1,000 app users to understand why shoppers download and use apps. Contact us when you're ready to launch one of your own.


Branding Brand is the retail industry's leading digital commerce platform, powering mobile apps, sites, and in-store shopping experiences for over 200 enterprise brands and was named a Gartner "Cool Vendor" of apps.

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BBI Industry Standouts: Toys & Hobbies, Department Stores, Apparel & Accessories

BBI Industry Standouts: Toys & Hobbies, Department Stores, Apparel & Accessories

The Branding Brand Index assesses retailers' e-commerce experiences from the shopper's perspective, so you can learn more about the competition. The BBI scores brands based on the total user experience, including usability, engagement, and performance.

Here's a breakdown of top performers in the following three industries:

Toys & Hobbies

  1. Jo-Ann Stores, 71 BBI
  2. Michaels, 70 BBI
  3. Toys R Us, 67 BBI 

Where they're excelling:
These brands are high-scoring in the Merchandising category because they all have user-generated product reviews across channels. 

Where they can improve:
These retailers all have Android apps, but none of them use mobile app banners. App banners create awareness of a brand's app and help shoppers navigate to it or where they can download it. A key aspect of omnichannel is connecting the e-commerce experience across devices, which these brands need to improve. 

Department Stores

  1. J.C. Penney, 78 BBI
  2. Stage Stores, 77 BBI
  3. Nordstrom, 76 BBI 

Where they're excelling:
In the Content & Features category, BBI data suggests that these brands have an intuitive user experience across e-commerce channels. Their sites make it easy to locate important features such as customer service or adding a product to cart. 

Where they can improve:
These retailers need to improve their scores in the Performance category. They all lack HTTPS Coverage—an important security feature that protects sensitive user data. 

Apparel & Accessories

  1. Anthropologie, 84 BBI
  2. Coach, 83 BBI
  3. Lids, 82 BBI

Where they're excelling: 
Overall, these retailers have high scores in the Omnichannel category. They all offer a "buy online, pickup in-store" option, in-store product availability search services, and store locators on their e-commerce channels.

Where they can improve:
These brands could benefit from making technical adjustments, such as improving page speeds and leveraging caching to ensure that shoppers have the best possible user experience. 

How do you compare to this month's top performers?

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Sneak Peek! Cyber Five 2016: Consumer Shopping Survey

Click here to see Cyber Five 2016: Consumer Shopping Survey on SlideShare.

1,000 people who bought gifts between Thanksgiving Day and Cyber Monday opened up about their browsing and buying behavior, shopping satisfaction, and next steps to complete their holiday purchases in our latest consumer survey.

Read our Cyber Five 2016 press release.

The 30-page report uncovers what Cyber Five shoppers said about their experiences, including:
  • 27% of holiday shoppers say retail stores helped them find gifting inspiration.
  • 51% of people used a mobile app to buy gifts during the Cyber Five.
  • 86% of people say they were satisfied with their Cyber Five shopping experiences.
  • Only 6% of people have completed their holiday shopping.

Check out the shopping survey excerpt

[EXCERPT] Cyber Five 2016: Consumer Shopping Report from Branding Brand

Download the full report

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[PRESS] USA TODAY: The Fake Web: Why We're So Apt to Believe Fake News, Apps, and Reviews

Google Play Fake App

Why people are subscribed to believing in fake news, apps, and other content they see on the web is explored in a story by USA Today and this TalkingTech podcast. Both include commentary by Branding Brand CEO, Chris Mason. 

Here's a clip: 

Fake app whack-a-mole

Fake apps for Apple and Android operating systems are increasingly becoming breeding grounds for fraudsters who see an opening to peddle bogus products and collect sensitive personal information.

Chris Mason, co-founder of Branding Brand, a Pittsburgh-based app developer, started noticing “hundreds” of phony apps on those virtual stores in September as the holiday push neared.

“Mobile shopping has finally really taken off this year,” Mason says. “And only one out of three retailers has an app, so there was a void.”

He alerted Google and Apple and many were taken down, but not all of them. There are still “dozens” that look like the real thing, Mason says, pointing to phony apps for retailers such as Dillard’s, Foot Locker, Nordstrom and Pandora Jewelry.

Mason suggests downloading the app from the retailer’s website — not the app store — to ensure it’s authentic and check reviews. If they are from upset customers, odds are it's fake, he says.

Related Coverage:

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This Week at Branding Brand: November 26-December 2


Planning for #CyberMonday? We are, too. ✔️ #Holiday2016 #BranderLife

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Who are you buying for this #CyberMonday? 😉 🎁 📱 #TisTheSeason #BranderLife

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Retail News You Need to Know: November 28 - December 2

Weekly News Roundup

Here's what our team is reading this week... 

Cyber Five
Digital shopping holidays like Cyber Monday might be losing relevance to today's online shopper (NBC News, Reuters). Black Friday pulled ahead in online revenue this year; and mobile shopping saw its biggest Cyber Five in history (Branding Brand Blog)

Shop Securely
Throughout the Cyber Five weekend were reports of how fraudsters are taking identities and money from shoppers. Several related reports feature Chris Mason, Branding Brand CEO, on the topic (CBS This Morning, CBS Evening News, Lifehacker).

What's Real?
Why people are subscribed to believing in fake news, apps, and other content they see on the web is explored in a story by USA Today and this TalkingTech podcast. Features commentary by Branding Brand CEO, Chris Mason.

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Holiday Shopping 2016: Black Friday Goes Mobile

Holiday Shopping 2016

Fake app concerns aside, mobile shopping had its best Thanksgiving weekend in history. 

To learn more about holiday shoppers, retail’s leading mobile app and site developer Branding Brand analyzed 30 million of the online visits that occurred on its platform over the Thanksgiving/Cyber Five weekend (November 24 - 28).

Is Mobile King? 
Branding Brand’s analysis showed that retailers received more traffic from smartphones than desktop computers on all days except Cyber Monday. Compared to last year, overall mobile revenue grew by 30% during Thanksgiving Weekend. Desktop revenue grew by 6%.

Even though desktop was responsible for 60% of all Thanksgiving weekend revenue, several of Branding Brand’s clients saw mobile completely take over.

“Mobile beat desktop in revenue for several of our clients on all or most days of the Cyber Five,” said Chris Mason, CEO and Co-founder of Branding Brand. “Over the holiday weekend, our standout retailers in mobile revenue actively marketed to their younger demographic on their phones or ran effective conversational commerce campaigns to stay top-of-mind with their customers.”

Black Friday Goes Mobile
Black Friday saw 31% more smartphone revenue than Cyber Monday this year. Year-over-year, smartphone revenue increased for the same day by 84%.

“Cyber Monday has become outdated,” said Mason. “With a smartphone in their pockets, shoppers can browse and buy instantly. They don’t have to wait for work on Monday for an internet connection and a desktop computer.”

Related Consumer Survey
Supporting information from consumers can be found in Branding Brand’s Holiday Cyber Five Survey, where shoppers shared details about their buying and satisfaction, including:

  • Most shoppers will continue to browse and purchase gifts on their smartphones.
  • Nearly 60% of shoppers said they bought more online during Black Friday than any other day of Cyber Five.


About Branding Brand
Branding Brand is the retail industry's leading digital commerce platform, powering mobile apps, sites, and in-store shopping experiences for over 200 enterprise brands. In addition to being named a Gartner "Cool Vendor" of apps, the Company is also the 2016 Forrester Wave Leader in "Mobile Commerce and Engagement Platforms.”