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Emily is a Brander-In-Training assisting with content development to keep retailers informed on the latest trends in e-commerce. Originally from outside Philadelphia, she is currently a senior at the University of Pittsburgh. She loves to knit, explore Pittsburgh, and travel.

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New Launch: Jessica London Mobile Site

Jessica London mobile site

Congratulations to the team at Jessica London on its new mobile site! 

The site features colorful product photos as well as sort and filter options, so shoppers can narrow a search based on categories such as size, color, or sleeve length. Additionally, people can also sort apparel by price, top rated, or even Facebook likes.

Staying current with the conversational commerce trend, Jessica London's new mobile site includes a Live Chat feature. Answers are just a message away, and shoppers can receive associate advice in real time.

Does your brand lack a mobile presence, or are you looking to optimize what you already have? Either way, our experts are here to help.


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New Launch: Second Skin Responsive Site

Second Skin Responsive Site

Congratulations to the Second Skin team on its beautiful new responsive site!

The homepage's simple, clean design features a mix of bold images and video content. Instead of a shopping cart, users drop items into their "Gym Bag," creating a unique user experience that fits the brand. 

An Instagram feed where encourages shoppers to showcase their purchases using the hashtag #secondskin. These defining site features will all help to build the young brand, which is owned by Dick's Sporting Goods.

VP of Brand at DSG said:

With the emergence of cross-training, obstacle-course racing, spin, running and triathlon, our customers are telling us there's an opportunity to create a brand built specifically for the unique needs of those activities.

It's crucial for retailers to have a streamlined online presence that puts the customer first, and DSG's online-only brand Second Skin is the perfect example of a retailer who continues to build and optimize shopping experiences with its audience in mind.

Contact us to learn how you can develop creative online and in-store shopping experiences. 


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This Week at Branding Brand: Plush Emotions and Woman Crush Wednesday


Which plush emotion are you today? 😡 😐 😄 #MondayMotivation #BranderLife

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Our #wcw goes out to this perfect duo, @kristinchick & #Percy 👯 🐶 💌 #PartnersInCrime #BrandersDoItBetter

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Some #takeyourchildtoworkday highlights 😅 #BranderLife

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Top 10 Retail Trends You Need to Know: April 2017

April 2017 Top Retail Trends

Industry Trend #1
Reimagining mobile
A quarter of e-commerce sales take place on a smartphone, adding to the many reasons why brands must be on mobile.
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Industry Trend #2
E-commerce booms
Amazon's sales increased by 20.6% in Q4 of 2016, indicating that traditional retailers need to address the "Amazon Effect" asap. 
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Industry Trend #3
Amazon, retail rulebreaker 
In May, Amazon will host executives from General Mills and other brands in hopes of convincing them to design products that can ship directly to online shoppers. 
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Industry Trend #4
Dick's targets triathletes
The sporting goods giant is swapping vendors for their own private labels, such as Second Skin.  
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Industry Trend #5
Walmart vs. Amazon, part 1
In a string of recent e-commerce acquisitions in an effort to compete with Amazon, Walmart is now poised to purchase menswear brand Bonobos.
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Industry Trend #6
Walmart vs. Amazon, part 2
Walmart is giving online shoppers a "pickup discount" to encourage buying online and shipping to store, which is a feature that Amazon can't offer. 
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Industry Trend #7
The future of retail
This month, Farfetch revealed its vision for a retail store of the future. Brick-and-mortar will thrive but not without data-driven decisions. 
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Industry Trend #8
Mall brands buckle
Traditional brands continue to close doors due to an inability to adapt to the changing retail landscape.
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Industry Trend #9
Coach courts Kate Spade 
Recent management changes suggest that the iconic retailer is positioning to purchase Kate Spade.      
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Industry Trend #10
Costco sticks to in-store
Facing pressure to compete with companies like Amazon and Boxed, the wholesaler has been reluctant to implement a large-scale e-commerce strategy.
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New Launch: Payless ShoeSource Latin America Android App

Payless Latin America Android App

Congratulations to Payless ShoeSource—their Android app is now available in Latin America! 

After downloading, the app guides you through the three main tabs:
  • Home features products, social feeds, and coupons.
  • Stores is an in-app store locator, which helps shoppers find the brick-and-mortar location closest to them.
  • Inbox directly communicates company news and exclusive deals with app users. 

Payless customers can redeem promotions in-app or in-store—an important aspect of omnichannel shopping. Mobile apps are the best way to merge online and in-store shopping experiences—keeping Payless ShoeSource competitive in today's cutthroat retail game. 

Learn why people download and use apps, and talk to our experts about how you can improve your brand's omnichannel strategy on mobile. 

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