Exclusive BBI Case Study: eBay

Exclusive BBI Case Study: eBay

The Branding Brand Index not only compares competing brands at a glance but also deeply analyzes a retailer's e-commerce experience. Retail giant eBay is pushing the boundaries of e-commerce by experimenting with virtual reality. 

At a glance
eBay, 72 BBI

  • Highest-scoring categories: Merchandising, Usability
  • Lowest-scoring categories: Content, Performance, Marketing, Omnichannel

Thumbs up
As a forward-thinking brand, eBay has been dabbling in 'emotional recognition technology' to analyze why shoppers are attracted to certain products. Recently, the brand also launched the world's first virtual reality department store. These consumer-focused initiatives match their intuitive website. Similar to Pinterest, eBay's homepage organizes items into collections, such as "Gifts for Trendsetters" or "Sneaker Showcase." Because of their user experience strategies, it's no surprise that this retailer scores highly in the Usability category. 

Thumbs down
In the Performance category, BBI data suggests this brand needs to make technical updates to improve functionality across channels. HTTPS coverage could be improved to protect sensitive shopper data. This retailer could also benefit from leveraging caching, which improves page loading speeds. 

Looking forward
eBay's technology-driven strategies are projected to pay off. As holiday shoppers make their final purchases, it'll be interesting to see how eBay's sales compare to the rest.

How will you provide high quality e-commerce experiences this holiday season?



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New Apps to the BBI in 2016

According to the BBI, Steve Madden, True Religion, Calvin Klein, Lush Cosmetics, and Warby Parker launched mobile apps in 2016.

The Branding Brand Index measures e-commerce experiences using data from the shopper's perspective, and according to the BBI, retailers—particularly those in the apparel and accessories industry—realized the important role of apps in their omnichannel strategy this year.

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In 2016, most of these brands developed apps for both iPhones and Android smartphones, and based on their ratings and reviews, each brand seems to have executed their mobile app strategies well:

Steve Madden BBI
  • iOS: 4.5/5
  • Android: 4.3/5
Lush BBI
  • iOS: 4.5/5
  • Android: 4.7/5
Calvin Klein BBI
  • iOS: 4.5/5
  • Android: 4.6/5
True Religion BBI
  • iOS: 5/5
  • Android: 4.5
Warby Parker BBI
  • iOS: 4.5/6

86% of consumers download shopping apps at least once a month, which means that mobile apps will be even more important to retailers and their customers, especially with fake apps have surfacing in Google Play and the App Store. 

With an average rating of 4.6, the Steve Madden, Lush, Calvin Klein, True Religion, and Warby Parker apps are a good starting point for brands looking to release or optimize a mobile app.

Learn more about apps

We surveyed 1,000 app users to understand why shoppers download and use apps. Contact us when you're ready to launch one of your own.


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BBI Industry Standouts: Toys & Hobbies, Department Stores, Apparel & Accessories

BBI Industry Standouts: Toys & Hobbies, Department Stores, Apparel & Accessories

The Branding Brand Index assesses retailers' e-commerce experiences from the shopper's perspective, so you can learn more about the competition. The BBI scores brands based on the total user experience, including usability, engagement, and performance.

Here's a breakdown of top performers in the following three industries:

Toys & Hobbies

  1. Jo-Ann Stores, 71 BBI
  2. Michaels, 70 BBI
  3. Toys R Us, 67 BBI 

Where they're excelling:
These brands are high-scoring in the Merchandising category because they all have user-generated product reviews across channels. 

Where they can improve:
These retailers all have Android apps, but none of them use mobile app banners. App banners create awareness of a brand's app and help shoppers navigate to it or where they can download it. A key aspect of omnichannel is connecting the e-commerce experience across devices, which these brands need to improve. 

Department Stores

  1. J.C. Penney, 78 BBI
  2. Stage Stores, 77 BBI
  3. Nordstrom, 76 BBI 

Where they're excelling:
In the Content & Features category, BBI data suggests that these brands have an intuitive user experience across e-commerce channels. Their sites make it easy to locate important features such as customer service or adding a product to cart. 

Where they can improve:
These retailers need to improve their scores in the Performance category. They all lack HTTPS Coverage—an important security feature that protects sensitive user data. 

Apparel & Accessories

  1. Anthropologie, 84 BBI
  2. Coach, 83 BBI
  3. Lids, 82 BBI

Where they're excelling: 
Overall, these retailers have high scores in the Omnichannel category. They all offer a "buy online, pickup in-store" option, in-store product availability search services, and store locators on their e-commerce channels.

Where they can improve:
These brands could benefit from making technical adjustments, such as improving page speeds and leveraging caching to ensure that shoppers have the best possible user experience. 

How do you compare to this month's top performers?

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New to the BBI: Topshop, Sundance

Topshop and Sundance were recently added to the BBI.

The Branding Brand Index measures brands' digital solutions from the consumer's perspective and continues to grow as retailers seek to evaluate their e-commerce experiences

Retailers' smartphone, tablet, and desktop websites and apps are evaluated in the following categories: Usability, Performance, Content & Features, Marketing & Engagement, Merchandising, and Omnichannel.

Recently, we added:

Sundance, 70 BBI
Scoring 4.5 out of 5 in the Usability category, this retailer's website is aesthetically pleasing. On mobile, product pages feature easily tappable, colorful images. To improve their score in the Omnichannel category, this brand could benefit from developing an app that links their in-store and online experiences. 

Topshop, 68 BBI 
This retailer excels at engagement—the front page of their site features shopper-submitted photos titled #TopShopStyle. Scoring a 1.5 out of 5 in the Omnichannel category, this brand needs to develop services that streamline their e-commerce experiences by displaying an iOS app banner or launching a "buy online, pickup in-store" service. 

How does your brand measure up?

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5 Retailers Who Boosted Their BBI Scores in November

Branding Brand Index score increases

The Branding Brand Index measures brands' e-commerce experiences based on data from the shopper's perspective. The following retailers made the largest strides in improving their e-commerce channels.

Kay Jewelers, 78 BBI

Month-over-month increase: 11 points
The jewelry retailer topped the list of highest score increases by making improvements to the Omnichannel and Performance categories. Its customers can now look at in-store product availability from the company's website. Additionally, the site enables caching, which helps to load pages faster.

Vitamin Shoppe, 83 BBI

Month-over-month increase: 10 points
This food and drug retailer saw the biggest increases in the Content, Merchandising, and Usability performance categories. Vitamin Shoppe utilizes breadcrumbs and pagination to help shoppers identify where they are on the site. Social sharing and cross sales give customers more ways to engage with and discover products on the site. Lastly, the company focused on accessible web design to increase its UX by adding color contrast.

Shoes.com, 74 BBI

Month-over-month increase: 10 points
Apparel and accessories retailer Shoes.com decreased their page load time to improve their score for Performance. Additionally, its website helps shoppers find products on any device with pagination, which boosted its Content score. 

Anthropologie, 84 BBI

Month-over-month increase: 7 points
Implementing caching and loading web pages faster improved Anthropologie's Performance score. The apparel and accessories retailer increased its Content Score by adding product filtering and anchors website pages (e.g., when users navigate back from a product page and return to the last place they were on the previous page). This is another retailer focusing on its Usability score through accessible web design by using contrasting colors and increasing font sizes.

Henri Bendel, 67 BBI

Month-over-month increase: 6 points
Since last month, Henri Bendel loads web pages faster, increasing the apparel and accessories retailer's Performance score. Its Usability score also went up due to increased tappability, color contrast, and font size.

How can you increase your BBI score? 


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