[WORKSHEET] 10 Mobile App Thought Starters to Discuss with Your Team

Download the worksheet "10 Mobile App Thought Starters to Discuss with Your Team."


Every day, shoppers research, browse, and purchase what they need directly from their smartphones. That's why retailers are dedicating more of their digital strategy budgets to mobile shopping apps this year.

Before you approach app vendors or start building a new app yourself, the most important thing you can do to prepare is talk to your team to clarify what you want to achieve with your mobile shopping app.

Download our worksheet, which features 10 questions your team should answer to determine app objectives, important features, and overall strategy.


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[FREE DOWNLOAD] Why Every Retailer Needs a Mobile Shopping App



It's no secret that smartphones play a major role in the omnichannel shopping journey. Every day, people reach into their pockets and pull out their mobile devices to help them in moments of need. In fact, most shoppers start the buying process on mobile.

Because of the influence smartphones have on online and in-store sales, retailers are focusing on mobile this year—specifically, mobile apps.

People are spending more time than ever in apps. They're not only engaging with retailers there, but they're also purchasing in mobile shopping apps more often than other digital channels.

Discover why leading retailers are betting big on mobile apps to provide world-class shopping experiences for their customers.


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[INFOGRAPHIC] Here's What You Need to Know about Singles' Day

What You Need to Know about Singles' Day

In the U.S., Thanksgiving, Black Friday, and Cyber Monday deals are iconic, but Chinese shoppers count down the days to November 11, when they are encouraged to take a break from buying gifts for others and treat themselves to something nice.

This year marks the seventh anniversary of Singles’ Day. Initiated in 2009 by Alibaba, Singles’ Day is the largest online shopping event in China. Last year, people reportedly spent $14.3 billion on Alibaba’s website, and the company is expected to bring in over $21 billion this year.

A recent survey of holiday shoppers shows that 96% will purchase more gifts online compared to last year. In 2015, Singles’ Day was dominated by smartphones and tablets, and in the first 90 minutes, Alibaba scored over $5 billion—72% of which was mobile. Throughout the day, mobile devices drove 69% of online sales

It doesn’t look like November 11 will stop with Chinese shoppers. About half of American holiday shoppers don’t mind sneaking in a gift or two for themselves, so although the Chinese holiday is not officially celebrated in the U.S., Adobe predicts that Singles’ Day will drive $1.5 billion in revenue for American retailers, which trails Thanksgiving Day’s predicted $2 billion sales day.

Want to know how to prepare for the upcoming holiday? Download a complimentary copy of our consumer shopping survey to understand the when, where, how, and why of holiday browsing and buying.


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eMarketer Report: 'Mobile is at the core of modern retail'

This week, eMarketer released two reports featuring insights on the future of mobile commerce and supporting data from Branding Brand and CEO, Chris Mason. Here are some highlights: 

From the 'Optimizing for Mobile Commerce' Brief: 

“People have had a chance to view their first [responsive] version, and now their bosses are still needing to see them have better numbers because there’s real pressure in the market," said Chris Mason, CEO and co-founder of mobile commerce platform Branding Brand.

“Responsive benefits the retailer. It’s about code consolidation," Mason said. "To make it so the customer gets what they want, you must have an adaptive site process, too." 

From the 'US Mobile Commerce Update 2016: Behind the Rapid Growth' Report: 

U.S. Smartphone vs. Tablet Retail M-Commerce Visit Share by OS and OS Version in Q4 2015

Want More? 
Click here and search report titles: (1) Report: US Mobile Commerce Update 2016: Behind the Rapid Growth; (2) Brief: Optimizing for Mobile Commerce, to view and download. Must be an eMarketer customer. 

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[VIDEO] Q4 2015 Mobile Commerce Trends Recap

Can't get enough of Q4 trends? Watch the recap video:



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