[PRESS] RetailDive: Target, Walmart Outpace Amazon for Back-to-College Shoppers

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RetailDive featured findings from Branding Brand's 2017 Back-to-School Shopper Survey in a story about Walmart and Target outpacing Amazon for school shopping. Read the full story here

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Target, Walmart and Amazon are favored by shoppers 18–24 years old, according to a study from Branding Brand on back-to-school consumers in that demographic.

Target and Walmart each outpaced Amazon at 64%; Amazon catered to just 50% of young shoppers, even though most (79%) told Branding Brand that they’ll purchase online this year, 62% using their smartphones. If they need to return an online order, most go to a store.

Overall, three in four young shoppers will spend as much as or more than last year, according to Branding Brand, with 22% of shoppers planning to spend more and 53% planning to keep it the same.


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1 in 3 Shoppers Already Started Buying Back-to-School Gear

Most young shoppers will begin and finish purchasing back-to-school necessities in August.

This year, college shoppers are expected to spend a total of $54.1 billion during what is known as the second largest spending holiday of the year.

Retailers can expect similar back-to-school shopping trends as last year. Our consumer shopping survey found that 35% of 18-to-24-year-old shoppers have already started buying what they need to go back to school and another 55% plan to begin in August.

By the end of July, 1 in 3 shoppers will have already started purchasing what they need to go back to school.

According to Deloitte, those who start shopping earlier in the season typically spend more, but 2 in 3 back-to-school shoppers want to take advantage of deals throughout the summer.

Overall, most young shoppers don't want to spend more than one month browsing and buying back-to-school gear despite when they start shopping. By the end of the month, 1 in 4 school shoppers will be finished purchasing; however, the bulk of them won’t complete their shopping until the end of August.

78% of back-to-school shoppers will finish purchasing what they need by the end of August.

Find more back-to-school shopping trends

We anonymously surveyed 1,000 18-to-24-year-olds to understand their back-to-school shopping preferences. Get the full report “Consumer Shopping Trends: Back to School 2017.”


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[PRESS] Internet Retailer: Target and Walmart More Popular Than Amazon for Back-to-School Shopping

Internet Retailer Back to SchoolSource: Internet Retailer

Internet Retailer featured findings from Branding Brand's 2017 Back-to-School Shopper SurveyRead the full story here

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More back-to-school college shoppers plan to check out at Target Corp. and Wal-Mart Stores Inc. this year over Amazon.com Inc., according to a new study “Back to School 2017.”

Mobile platform provider Branding Brand conducted the study of 1,000 U.S. shoppers ages 18-24 between June 21-23.

The study found that 64% of shoppers plan to buy back-to-school products from Target (No. 20 in the Internet Retailer 2017 Top 500), a 51% increase from the 2016 study; 64% plan to buy from Walmart (No. 3) this year, up from 42% last year, and 50% will buy from Amazon (No. 1), a decrease from the 74% who said they would buy from the web giant last year.

“Investments by Walmart and Target in apps and multichannel commerce are paying off with consumers who might have looked to the convenience of Amazon,” says Chris Mason, Branding Brand co-founder and CEO. “Retailers making a conscientious effort to bridge their digital strategies with how their customers want to shop can gain market share of what will continue to be a thriving e-commerce industry.”


Overall, 79% of shoppers plan to buy back-to-school products online, and 62% of all respondents expect to make those purchases on their smartphones, according to the Branding Brand study. It’s no surprise that this college-age group is buying more on their smartphones, Mason says.

“Mobile’s influence on shopping continues to grow, with two in three shoppers planning to make transactions from their smartphone, and people are purchasing in mobile shopping apps more often than other digital channels,” Mason says.


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[PRESS] RetailDive: Back-to-School Spending To Remain Flat at $27B

B2S-retaildive.jpgSource: RetailDive

A RetailDive article featured findings from Branding Brand's 2017 Back-to-School Shopper Survey. Read the full story here

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Target and Walmart are the go-to retailers, according to e-commerce platform Branding Brand, which found that two-thirds of back-to-school shoppers plan to find what they need at those retailers, while half will turn to Amazon.

Back-to-school shopping is the second most important season for retailers, behind the holidays, but it has its own idiosyncrasies. Some years are stock-up years, which drives spending, while during other years (especially when the economy struggles) families make do and spend less.

Back-to-school marketing begins in earnest even before the school year ends for many, but most of the spending for the season — 17% or $19 billion — will take place at the end of the summer, between early July and late August, Deloitte says. More than half (54%) of shoppers will be finished stocking up for school by August, but 25% won’t be done until after school has started, according to Branding Brand, which surveyed younger shoppers.


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[PRESS] CNBC: Retailers Should Be Rolling Out Back-to-School Deals Even Earlier

Back-to-School_CNBC.jpgSource: CNBC / Getty Images

Branding Brand's findings from its 2017 Back-to-School Shopper Survey were included in a feature by CNBC. Read the full story here

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Retailers that are choosing to wait until later in the summer to roll out their back-to-school deals could be missing out on a greater portion of the summer sales, according to a new survey from consulting firm Deloitte.

Sixty percent of U.S. shoppers visiting stores prior to August for back-to-school items will spend an average of $532, which is 16 percent higher than the rest of parents who don't start their shopping until August or later, Deloitte found. Those later shoppers will likely only spend about $458 per pupil.


According to a similar report from Branding Brand, the majority of shoppers will choose to pick up items for school at Target, Wal-Mart and Amazon this back-to-school season.
The biggest loser among retailers this year looks to be department store chains.
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