Why Retailers Are Prioritizing Mobile Apps This Year

Friends using a smartphone

As a retailer, you already know that mobile devices play a major role in the shopper journey. From discovery and research to purchase and fulfillment, smartphones are with your customers at every step.

Today, 77% of shoppers use smartphones as part of their shopping journey, but even more striking is that 83% of shoppers start their journey on mobile. As people use their smartphones more in moments of need, these devices increasingly influence online and in-store sales.

At a time when brick-and-mortar retailers are downsizing and online-only retailers are opening up their first stores, every brand has one thing in common: they’re focusing on mobile—specifically, mobile apps.

People are spending more time than ever engaging with apps, and they expect retailers to follow suit. Mobile apps connect your customers wherever they are in the world, and they provide better shopping experiences than your typical website. Even better, apps convert higher than other digital channels (even desktop sites!).

Why Every Retailer Needs a Mobile Shopping App

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