Apps Dominate Shoppers' Time Spent on Smartphones

People using mobile apps on smartphones

People are spending more time than ever using their smartphones. In fact, 92% of people consider smartphones to be their primary device

Today, 3 in 4 shoppers use their mobile devices to help them at every step of the buyer journey. Because of this, people are flocking to apps—so much so that mobile app time has increased 111% since 2013. This year, people will spend nearly two and a half hours a day in apps, which is 85% of their total daily mobile time.

Monthly app usage increased 37% for Baby Boomers ages 55 to 64 in 2016 compared to 2015.

Although it’s true that younger generations spend much more of their time using apps, monthly app usage spiked for Baby Boomers ages 55 to 64 from 40.7 hours in 2015 to 55.6 hours in 2016.

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