5 Ways the Apple Event Changes the Future of Retail

Apple Event 2017, iPhone XSource: Engadget

At yesterday’s event, Apple announced several new smartphones and technology that change retail as we know it today:

1. More AR-capable devices are coming to market.

Three new smartphones will be in shoppers’ hands by the end of the year: iPhone 8, iPhone 8 Plus, and iPhone X—pronounced “iPhone Ten.” These devices are equipped with A11 Bionic to power fast in-app augmented reality experiences.

ARKit makes it easy to build augmented experiences into your shopping app and attract new customers who will want to try out this new feature. iPhone 8 and 8 Plus ship on September 22, and iPhone X ships on November 3.

2. Pay-by-face is the future of retail.

We’re heading into the pay-by-face era thanks to the iPhone X, which is supplied with the all-new TrueDepth camera and Face ID. Apple’s standardized technology is a glimpse into what’s to come for purchasing across all devices independently. Any apps that currently use Touch ID and Apple Pay will automatically work with Face ID to complete secure payments.

3. The countdown is on for the iOS 11 release.

We’re less than a week away from the latest iOS version, which is set to be released next Tuesday, September 19. This is one of the largest updates to the operating system to date and has significant effects on retail, including App Store updates, ARKit, and person-to-person payments.

Retailers with apps should update their designs to create a seamless experience for iPhone shoppers, who adopt new OS versions faster than those on other platforms. Find out what’s new in iOS 11.

4. iPhone X will change interactions and app design forever.

Retailers will need to rethink designs and interactions with the forward-thinking iPhone X, which has an edge-to-edge screen and fewer physical buttons. Although the viewport is the same width as an iPhone 8, the tappable area on iPhone X is taller than its counterpart. Furthermore, it’s completely gesture-based since the removal of the home button. Shopping apps will need to be redesigned to align with these updates as well as those coming in iOS 11.

5. Apple Watch is gaining its independence.

Shoppers will be able to sever ties with their smartphones and use Apple Watch Series 3 on its own. With cellular built into the wearable device, people are free to roam and seize mobile moments anywhere. The watch comes with all-day battery life using LTE, bluetooth, and wifi and will start shipping on September 22.

Expect to see more smartwatches enter the market. Apple is increasing the accessibility of the most popular watch in the world by lowering the cost for earlier models.

Want help with AR or redesigns?

iPhone X and the latest version of iOS require redesigns for apps to maintain a consistent experience for iPhone shoppers. People upgrading to the new phone will expect to see integrated augmented experiences as well.


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