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Emily is a Brander-In-Training assisting with content development to keep retailers informed on the latest trends in e-commerce. Originally from outside Philadelphia, she is currently a senior at the University of Pittsburgh. She loves to knit, explore Pittsburgh, and travel.

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New Launch: Arc'teryx iPhone App

Arc'teryx iPhone app


Congratulations to Arc'teryx team on their iPhone app launch! The new app boasts several engaging features, including the incorporation of user generated content, a store locator, and more.

A key feature of the app is the "Explore" tab, which displays social content from the retailer's YouTube, Instagram, and blog to create a shoppable product feed. The content in the "Explore" tab is customized to the user's indicated preferences upon downloading the app, such as favorite outdoor hobbies. The shoppable social feed keeps the user experience fresh, which will achieve the company's goal of engaging and maintaining active users. 

According to Arc'teryx,

The Arc’teryx community is comprised of athletes, guides and dedicated outdoor explorers. Together they bring informative customer gear reviews, amazing imagery and stories of the best climbing, snow and alpinism around the world.

The new iOS app marries shoppable and social content to keep Arc'teryx on the cutting edge of e-commerce. 

Learn more about why people download and use shopping apps, or talk to our experts to get started establish your digital presence or optimize what you already have.


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This Week at Branding Brand: Thinking Spring and Saint Patrick's Day


Sunflowers have us thinking spring 😌 🌻 Thanks @ckoshzow! #Pittsburgh #BranderLife

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This Week at Branding Brand: Job Openings and International Women's Day


Are you an #appdev or #designer? Do you <3 mobile? We're hiring!📱 #DeveloperLife #PittsburghJobs #NowHiring

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The future is mobile, omnichannel, and most importantly—female 😌 👯 #wcw #BrandersDoItBetter #InternationalWomensDay

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Test Your Optimization IQ: Product Sharing Icon

Test Your Optimization IQ

We surveyed shoppers to find out which product sharing method is more intuitive:
  • Test A: native share icon
  • Test B: separate share icons

Can you guess where shoppers preferred to find the shopping cart?

Select a test to reveal the winner:

Test A: native share iconTest B: separate share icons

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Top 10 Retail Trends You Need to Know: February 2017

Top Retail Trends February 2017

Industry Trend #1
Survival of the fittest
As consumer demands grow and technology evolves, brands that digitize their in-store strategies will come out on top. 
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Industry Trend #2
Strong retail sales
Retail sales at the beginning of the year were higher than expected, making it a prime time for retailers to build out an omnichannel strategy. 
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Industry Trend #3
E-commerce or bust
Retailers who neglect to invest in e-commerce this year run a high risk of bankruptcy. 
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Industry Trend #4
From digital to physical
Originally online-only retailer Warby Parker continues to open more brick-and-mortar locations, building the case that physical stores aren't dead.
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Industry Trend #5
Wal-Mart vs. Amazon
To compete with Amazon, Wal-Mart is reportedly working to streamline their in-store and online shopping experiences. 
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Industry Trend #6
Fast fashion
In response to shopper demands, the fashion industry has adopted a see-now buy-now retail model. 
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Industry Trend #7
Smart homes 
Analysts expect Amazon's Alexa to create even more loyal customers, adding to a list of markets the retail giant continues to penetrate.
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Industry Trend #8
Coffee overload 
Starbucks' new in-app AI ordering system is so popular that it's negatively impacting the in-store experience with an overflow of orders. 
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Industry Trend #9
Hope for department stores
Though many box store brands are closing, department stores are not dead. To thrive, they must invest in omnichannel.  
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Industry Trend #10
Apple rumors

It's predicted that Apple will release the new iPhone 8 at their conference in June, marking the 10-year anniversary of the iPhone. 
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