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Lindsay Kenders

Lindsay develops content that identifies and solves challenges online retailers often face in the evolving world of e-commerce. She graduated from West Virginia University and has worked at Branding Brand since July 2012. She is a proud mom to a cat and dog and loves taking dance and hot yoga classes.

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3 Ways Retailers Are Collecting Shopper Insights

Customer insights is the building block to personalization and loyalty.

Retailers shifting to become more customer obsessed are learning that they need to start by identifying their shoppers' buyer journey—and they're creating new, interesting ways to compile consumer data.

Which retailers are innovating?

Makeover is recorded by a MemoMi.
Source: Fast Company

Neiman Marcus

Magic mirrors are definitely getting their time in the spotlight recently, and Neiman Marcus is one of the latest retailers to jump on the new technology. 

The interesting twist about this implementation is that it integrates with RFID tags, so not only are shoppers able to play back their experiences with a stylist or beauty expert, but it also logs which products they tried—ultimately helping the brand to personalize future encounters with each customer online and offline.

Lowe's app helps in-store navigation.
Source: Lowe's


With the help of Google's AR technology Tango, Lowe's Innovation Lab is assisting their customers locate items in stores by using the company's mobile app. Executive Director of Lowe’s Innovation Labs Kyle Nel said:

Our research shows that helping make it easier for customers to find products in stores not only makes for a better shopping experience, it allows our associates to spend more time advising on home improvement projects. 

Understanding how shoppers are moving throughout its stores and which products are most popular will help Lowe's design store interiors, identify customers online and offline, and guide digital marketing.

Timberland's in-store tablets help shoppers create a collection.Source: Digiday


Shoppers can use mini tablets to scan products they like at Timberland to get more information, like reviews and related items. VP of Direct to Consumer Kate Kibler said:

You don’t have to download an app or give us your email to use it — only if you want to save your items. This is perfect for people who may not want to talk to a sales associate or don’t want to commit to an app.

At the end of their visit, shoppers can make notes and email their personal collection to themselves, increasing the number of potential customers in Timberland's CRM and understanding in-store behavior and preferences.

What's the theme?

Smart retailers are solving customer pain points while also connecting the dots between in-store and online. They're building strategies that are mobile-first and will allow them to personalize moments and develop loyalty programs in the long run.

Become a customer-centric retailer

It’s time to sideline the old habit of treating traditional brick-and-mortar and digital channels as separate pieces of the retail puzzle.

Join us for our webinar "Customer Obsession: Retailers' Power Play for Victory" on Wednesday, April 26.


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[WEBINAR] Customer Obsession: Retailers' Power Play for Victory



This webinar will not be recorded.

It’s time to sideline the old habit of treating traditional brick-and-mortar and digital channels as separate pieces of the retail puzzle and focus on your customers.

Modern retailers are held to a higher standard not only for the products they sell but also the shopping experiences they deliver. Fortunately, digital disruption and consumers’ open mindedness to new technology leave brands with endless ways to:
  • Gain actionable customer insights
  • Enrich CX with personalized moments
  • Increase retention and loyalty

Join Branding Brand Senior Director of Product Matt Compton and guest speaker Forrester’s Brendan Witcher to learn why leading retailers are adopting a customer-centric mindset and what benefits they’re experiencing.

This webinar will not be recorded.


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[FREE DOWNLOAD] "How to Use the Buyer Journey to Improve CX" Webinar Recap

"How to Use the Buyer Journey to Improve CX" Webinar Recap

70% of businesses say improving the customer experience is their top priority, but before retailers can start building better experiences, they must understand the buyer journey.

Learn how retailers can develop a 360° view of shoppers and their omnichannel shopping journey through mobile apps and other digital initiatives, and discover which retailers are setting the bar high for online and in-store shopping experiences to succeed in the "Age of the Customer."


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From Touchpoints to Transactions: the Opportunities of Cross-Device Shopping

One-third of all online orders involve more than one device.

What makes the buyer journey so difficult to track?

It all started with the boom of e-commerce. Then, it was made even more difficult as people got comfortable shopping on smartphones.

"The State of Cross-Device Commerce" by Criteo shows that the buyer journey is just as crucial to delivering user-centric shopping experiences as it is to running a profitable e-commerce brand.

Omnichannel rules e-commerce

According to the report, 1 in 3 online orders involve more than two devices, but where people choose to browse and buy largely depends on the timing.

Typically, desktop shopping peaks during the weekday work hours, while mobile dominates all other times, but one thing is certain: smartphones are present from beginning to end.

Only advanced cross-device measurement can accurately follow the buyer across devices and capture full journey behavior and intent.... To maximize impact, know your consumers’ buying cycle across devices and adapt your campaign strategy to reach them at the right time on the right device.


The cost of inaccuracy

Traditionally, brands attempt to track customer touchpoints by acquiring their zip codes and email addresses in store and online, but shoppers can easily slip through the cracks. Unearthing the buyer journey is complex, and retailers are leaving money on the table when they don't properly track and attribute sales. 

Correctly applied cross-device measurement reveals that buyer journeys are 41% longer than partial-view models indicate, enabling marketers to optimize offers and user experience at ever step and increase the likelihood of conversion on every visit on any device.


Breaking down mobile

Smartphone purchases are growing at the fastest rate year-over-year compared to desktops and tablets, and retailers who invest in mobile apps are rewarded—particularly on iOS, where transactions are growing at nearly twice the rate of Android.

Download "How to Get People to Download and Use Your App."

Different types of retailers are affected by mobile shopping differently. For example, fashion and luxury retailers currently hold the largest share of mobile transactions, closely followed by sporting goods, which experienced a 30% year-over-year spike in mobile orders from Q4 2015 to Q4 2016.

Forget 'browse on smartphone, buy on desktop.' As smartphones extend their role from browsing to purchasing, retailers must ensure the user experience is consistent, synchronized and seamless not only for mobile, but across all devices and platforms.

Buyer journey & CX

Download the recap for "How to Use the Buyer Journey to Improve CX" to learn more about how to drive engagement and create outstanding shopping experiences. 


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Test Your Optimization IQ: App Item Quantity Badges

Test Your Optimization IQ

We surveyed app shoppers to find out which option is best for showing that you have items in your cart:

  • Test A: quantity badges on cart and tab bar
  • Test B: quantity badge on cart
  • Test C: quantity badge on tab bar

Can you guess which way shoppers like to be notified of items in their cart?

Select a test to reveal the winner:

Test A: badges on cart and tab bar Test B: badge on cart Test C: badge on tab bar

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