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Lindsay Kenders

Lindsay develops content that identifies and solves challenges online retailers often face in the evolving world of e-commerce. She graduated from West Virginia University and has worked at Branding Brand since July 2012. She is a proud mom to a cat and dog and loves taking dance and hot yoga classes.

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1 in 3 Shoppers Already Started Buying Back-to-School Gear

Most young shoppers will begin and finish purchasing back-to-school necessities in August.

This year, college shoppers are expected to spend a total of $54.1 billion during what is known as the second largest spending holiday of the year.

Retailers can expect similar back-to-school shopping trends as last year. Our consumer shopping survey found that 35% of 18-to-24-year-old shoppers have already started buying what they need to go back to school and another 55% plan to begin in August.

By the end of July, 1 in 3 shoppers will have already started purchasing what they need to go back to school.

According to Deloitte, those who start shopping earlier in the season typically spend more, but 2 in 3 back-to-school shoppers want to take advantage of deals throughout the summer.

Overall, most young shoppers don't want to spend more than one month browsing and buying back-to-school gear despite when they start shopping. By the end of the month, 1 in 4 school shoppers will be finished purchasing; however, the bulk of them won’t complete their shopping until the end of August.

78% of back-to-school shoppers will finish purchasing what they need by the end of August.

Find more back-to-school shopping trends

We anonymously surveyed 1,000 18-to-24-year-olds to understand their back-to-school shopping preferences. Get the full report “Consumer Shopping Trends: Back to School 2017.”


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New Launch: Burberry iPhone App

Burberry U.S. iPhone app


Congratulations to the team at Burberry on its sleak, new iPhone app available in the U.S., Canada, Australia, Ireland, and the UK.

This is more than your average mobile shopping app. Burberry takes individualized engagement to a new level in the app's shoppable stories, which features carefully curated products, runway styles, and more in a mixture of messages and video. Shoppers can purchase your favorites on-the-go with Apple Pay.

Immerse yourself in the world of Burberry, and download the app today.

Learn more about mobile apps

Discover why retailers are building engaging mobile shopping apps, and talk with our experts to build your own shoppable app experience. 


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This Week at Branding Brand: Brander Celebrations

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This Week at Branding Brand: Book Club and iPhone Art


Spotted on the lobby coffee table 👀 #MobileArt #iSpy #BrandersDoItBetter

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[FREE DOWNLOAD] Why Every Retailer Needs a Mobile Shopping App



It's no secret that smartphones play a major role in the omnichannel shopping journey. Every day, people reach into their pockets and pull out their mobile devices to help them in moments of need. In fact, most shoppers start the buying process on mobile.

Because of the influence smartphones have on online and in-store sales, retailers are focusing on mobile this year—specifically, mobile apps.

People are spending more time than ever in apps. They're not only engaging with retailers there, but they're also purchasing in mobile shopping apps more often than other digital channels.

Discover why leading retailers are betting big on mobile apps to provide world-class shopping experiences for their customers.


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