[PRESS] eMarketer: Upgrade to iPhone 8? Many Say Not Quite Yet

iphone10yr.jpgSource: Apple

Branding Brand's survey of 1,000 iPhone owners to understand anticipation around the next generation ”iPhone 8” and other Apple innovations was featured by eMarketer today. 

Here's a clip: 

Though Apple will likely not unveil its 10-year anniversary iPhone until later this year, a new study from Branding Brand, which builds mobile commerce sites and apps for retailers, asked US iPhone users if they plan on trading in their current device for the latest version. Many said they won’t.
In fact, just over a quarter (26%) said they plan on getting the upcoming iPhone 8. In contrast, nearly half (45%) of iPhone users surveyed said they don’t plan on trading in their current device this year.
Meanwhile, 14% of respondents said that when the iPhone 8 launches, they plan to trade in their current device for an iPhone 7 or iPhone 7 Plus. Another 12% said they would trade in their device for any of the iPhone 6 models. While those respondents are adopting outdated models, they may still represent an upgrade for users with even older iPhone types.
When asked what they want to see next from Apple, a plurality of respondents (44%) simply wanted a better-functioning operating system. Still, the iPhone 8 was top of mind for some—a quarter of respondents wanted to see a redesigned smartphone.

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