Weekly News Roundup: New iPads, Mobile Rain Plan, Walmart Does Fashion

Weekly News Roundup

Here's what our team is reading this week... 

New iPads
Rumors of new iPads coming this spring may be confirmed with sightings of the devices in various Cupertino locations (TechCrunch). Apple’s spring event might be moved to April, or it might not happen this year (9to5Mac)

Mobile Rain Plan
The North Face is promoting a waterproof coat with geotargeting that plays its branded “Rain Drop” song on Spotify, but only in areas where it’s raining (Mobile Commerce Daily).

Walmart Does Fashion
A Pittsburgh-born retailer in the business for 15 years, Modcloth, was acquired by Walmart's Jet.com (Recode). But, this is only one of many niche retailers Walmart recently bought to gain style credibility (Women's Wear Daily)

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