This Week at Branding Brand: Healthy Eats


Starting #2017 right with a balanced lunch of salad, fruit ...and cookies 😏 💪 #Health #BranderLife

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Weekly News Roundup: Hot Retailers, Fast Growth Online, AI Innovators

Weekly News Roundup

Here's what our team is reading this week... 

Hot Retailers
AEO, Victoria’s Secret, and Everlane — one of the first brands to prioritize e-commerce — are included in Business Insider’s list of retailers to watch in 2017. Bloomberg explores if retailers like TJ Maxx, Marshalls, and Home Goods can stay mostly offline and succeed

Fast Growth Online
Retailers saw 8-times faster growth online than in stores this holiday season (Fortune). Partially due to lacking foot traffic in malls, The Limited is working to close its 250 stores (Wall Street Journal).

AI Innovators
Embracing artificial intelligence technology, Starbucks will roll out a voice ordering assistant early this year and Cosabella matches shoppers with individualized e-commerce experiences (AdWeek).

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[WEBINAR] Retailers: Are You on the Road(map) to Success?

Retailers: Are You on the Road(map) to Success?

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As many retailers prepare to close stores, it's time to revisit your existing omnichannel e-commerce strategy.

While everyone was busy making their 2017 predictions, we focused on research that will help you prioritize your digital retailing roadmap to make this year successful.

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Join Branding Brand's Chris Mason along with guest speaker Forrester's Brendan Witcher, on Tuesday, January 31 at 1 p.m. ET to learn:
  • What challenges lie ahead for retailers this year
  • What shoppers are expecting from your online and offline experiences
  • How to exceed expectations and stand out from the competition

Bonus! Each webinar registrant will be entered into a raffle for a free strategy session with our experts.

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Test Your Optimization IQ: Product Color Selection

Test Your Optimization IQ

We surveyed shoppers to understand how they preferred to choose a product color:

  • Test A: color section modal (i.e., customization options take up the lower part of the screen)
  • Test B: color selection overlay (i.e., customization options take over the entire screen)

Can you guess which version shoppers chose to view the product color options?

Select a test to reveal the winner:

Test A: color section modalTest B: color selection overlay

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This Week at Branding Brand: New Resolutions and Office Art


BB's New Years Resolution? Be more like this guy 😌 #TreatYoself #HappyNewYears #BrandersDoItBetter #BBOfficeArt

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Just a dog & his developer 💕 #BestBuds #BranderLife #DeveloperLife

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#Views from the office on this snowy Friday in #Pittsburgh 🌬#BranderLife

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