Breakthrough Thoughts on Mobile Apps

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Today, 83% of shoppers start their buying journeys on smartphones, and they're downloading and using apps to help them quickly in their mobile moments.

Top retail executives across all industries discuss how mobile shopping apps fit into their existing e-commerce strategies and what makes them successful:

Vitamin Shoppe

Omnichannel retailers, like Vitamin Shoppe, are investing in mobile apps to track and understand their customers' shopping behaviors.

The new customer journey is not linear. They go all over the place, try different stores, try different products and places. We need to be present at every step, ready to accept them when they come back.
— Rose Hamilton, Chief Digital Officer

The Luxury Closet

With half of its sales coming from mobile devices, The Luxury Closet prioritizes its iOS and Android apps to attract new shoppers and maintain engagement with its loyal customers.

Apps are becoming the primary method of introduction to the client. It encourages the behavior of checking very often and quickly...
— Kunal Kapoor, CEO


Apps aren't a standalone solution. Take it from Timberland, who integrated its mobile app into its digital store experience.

Retail apps can’t just be for shopping. That’s how you get deleted. We’re making this about the brand experience that will be valuable for people, and we consider it pull, not push, marketing.
— Kate Kibler, VP of Direct to Consumer


A pioneer in mobile innovation, Sephora wants shoppers to think of its apps as companions on-the-go and in store.

Mobile commerce is critical and you have to get that right, but mobile can do so much more. It can inspire, it can educate, it can play with consumers.
— Mary Beth Laughton, Senior Vice President of Digital

Finish Line

Retailers, like Finish Line, know that mobile apps are nothing without personalization and exclusive features that seamlessly integrate with their existing digital strategy.

Our latest iteration of the Winner’s Circle app gives us a unique competitive edge via the introduction of several app features not currently offered within the retail industry – complete with a truly frictionless shopping experience right in the palm of your hand.
— Danielle Quatrochi, Senior Vice President of Digital Customer Experience and Innovation

Why Every Retailer Needs a Mobile Shopping App

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