Weekly News Roundup: Shop the Runway, iPhone 8, Accessible Eyewear

Weekly News Roundup

Here's what our team is reading this week... 

Shop the Runway
More runway brands are adapting to the see-now, buy-now model to create faster fashion (The New York Times, Glossy). Brands may not need Fashion Week (MarketWatch)

iPhone 8
OLED display, facial recognition, and wireless charging are potential features of iPhone 8 — and it might cost $1,000 (Engadget, Fast Company). It could launch on the iPhone's 10-year anniversary sales date in June, but September is more likely (Forbes).

Accessible Eyewear
Starting online and growing into brick-and-mortar is sustainable business for e-retailers; Warby Parker just opened its 47th location and 25 will pop up this year (CBS This Morning).

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