New Launch: Arc'teryx iPhone App

Arc'teryx iPhone app


Congratulations to Arc'teryx team on their iPhone app launch! The new app boasts several engaging features, including the incorporation of user generated content, a store locator, and more.

A key feature of the app is the "Explore" tab, which displays social content from the retailer's YouTube, Instagram, and blog to create a shoppable product feed. The content in the "Explore" tab is customized to the user's indicated preferences upon downloading the app, such as favorite outdoor hobbies. The shoppable social feed keeps the user experience fresh, which will achieve the company's goal of engaging and maintaining active users. 

According to Arc'teryx,

The Arc’teryx community is comprised of athletes, guides and dedicated outdoor explorers. Together they bring informative customer gear reviews, amazing imagery and stories of the best climbing, snow and alpinism around the world.

The new iOS app marries shoppable and social content to keep Arc'teryx on the cutting edge of e-commerce. 

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L2 Ranks Fashion's Leaders In Digital

L2 Digital IQ Index Fashion 2016.png
Source: L2

Business intelligence firm, L2 recently released its annual Digital IQ Index: Fashion that quantifies and ranks the digital competence of 85 U.S. luxury brands.

Cole Haan, Ralph Lauren, and Kate Spade are among the Branding Brand clients represented in the top 10 — all holding a "Gifted" status for their digital efforts.  

Scores were determined based on a retailer's performance in four categories, including site and e-commerce, digital marketing, social media, and mobile. 


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New Launch: Omaha Steaks iOS App

The Omaha Steaks iPhone app includes new features, like gifts, custom cooking directions, steak and cooking timer, recipes, rewards, and scan to buy.

Congratulations to the team at Omaha Steaks on its brand new iOS app!

The Omaha Steaks iPhone app includes new features, like gifts, custom cooking directions, steak and cooking timer, recipes, rewards, and scan to buy.

In a press release, Senior Vice President and Family Owner of Omaha Steaks Todd Simon said:

It’s the complete experience for anyone who loves to make, eat and share great food. Our new app makes it easy to shop for and cook the perfect meal with step-by-step cooking instructions including different cooking methods and timers to create the perfect meal every time.

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New Launch: Bluemercury Responsive Site


Congratulations to the team at Bluemercury on its brand new responsive website!

VP of Digital and Omnichannel Jennifer DiMotta announced her team's launch on LinkedIn:

We launched a new experience for yesterday. New design, new platform, new integrations, etc. So much more than a website redesign and so much more fulfilling too! I believe our result is pretty fantastic. Lots of little optimizations and work for us but that's all part of the future fun of this.

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Levi's Featured at Google I/O for Its "Connected" Jacket

Levi's Commuter Jacket | Jacquard by Google; Image source: TechCrunchImage source: TechCrunch

Last week at Google I/O, Branding Brand client and international denim retailer, Levi's, was featured for its partnership with Google's Project Jacquard, which makes interactive textiles possible for everyday use.

The fashionable, yet functional Levi's Commuter Trucker Jacket targets urban bikers and comes equipped with an embedded tag in the jacket sleeve. It's designed to look like a button and will help consumers stay connected on-the-go. This connected wearable should be available in stores next spring.

TechCrunch's Sarah Perez explained:

The idea with this new Levi’s Commuter jacket, explained the company, is to make something that’s both fashionable to wear while also representing a practical implementation of the technology.

Today, cyclists often have to fuss with their phone while commuting on busy streets, which is dangerous.

With Levi’s Commuter jacket, they’ll instead be able to just touch their jacket’s cuff, using gestures to control various functions they would otherwise need to pull out their phone to do.

The jacket will be a part of Levi’s Commuter collection of clothing, which is largely aimed at urban dwellers who ride bikes to navigate their city.

“There’s a unique challenge in creating a smart clothes platform — fashion and technology have to work as one but there’s inherent tension between the two,” said Poupyrev. “Technology is fragile, garments… are not.”

In addition to controlling native phone functions like calls, as well as Google Maps and Google Play Music, Google says the jackets will interoperate with third-party services. That means you’ll be able to use the touches to control your Spotify music, for example, or a connected fitness app, like Strava.

Read the full article on TechCrunch, or download our free Google I/O 2016 recap.

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