[FREE DOWNLOAD] "Retailers: Are You on the Road(map) to Success?" Webinar Recap

"Retailers: Are You on the Road(map) to Success?" Webinar Recap

In this webinar, Branding Brand and Forrester discussed how shopping behavior is changing and how retailers are integrating digital store technology to create better omnichannel experiences.

What you'll learn:
  • How to transform the customer experience with mobile-first thinking
  • Which retailers stand out for their in-store and online shopping
  • How to personalize your experiences starting with mobile apps


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[FREE DOWNLOAD] A Retailer's Guide to Apple's Special Event

The Apple Watch Series 2, iPhone 7, and iPhone 7 Plus took center stage at Apple's annual product announcement this year. Source: Apple

The Apple Watch Series 2, iPhone 7, and iPhone 7 Plus took center stage at Apple's annual product announcement this year. 

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To kick things off, Apple revealed that its App Store has generated over 140 billion downloads to date. In fact, the App Store experienced a 106% year-over-year increase in downloads from July through August, giving retailers even more reason to create incredible app experiences to break through the noise.

The company spoke briefly about the capabilities real-time collaboration with iWork before they introduced what everyone was waiting for...

Apple Watch Series 2

Now only second to Rolex for worldwide watch revenue, the Apple Watch is the top smartwatch in the world, according to Apple. 

Apple is tailoring the Apple Watch Series 2 to fitness fanatics by making it water resistant, integrating GPS, and partnering with Nike+ to create new athletic bands.

Pre-order begins on September 9, and they’ll ship on September 16.

iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus

Retailers can rejoice for the A10 Fusion Chip in the new iPhone 7 and 7 Plus, which lets people engage with apps without killing their batteries, and product photos will look great on the retina display, which is 25% brighter and shows a wider color range than the iPhone 6 series.

The iPhone 7 Plus has dual-cameras—a wide-angle lens and a telephoto lens—and is able to zoom up to 10x.

iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus have iOS 10 pre-installed. Other compatible devices (iPhone 5 and older) can upgrade on September 13.

Pre-order begins on September 9, and shipping starts on September 16.

See what else you missed at the Apple Special Event.

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Before the event, we surveyed 1,000 iPhone owners to learn how they felt about Apple's rumored announcements. Find out what they said.

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[FREE DOWNLOAD] Webinar Recap: Conversational Commerce and Your Omnichannel Strategy


Branding Brand CEO Chris Mason partnered with Chubbies founder Preston Rutherford and Forrester analyst Brendan Witcher to talk conversational commerce and omnichannel retail. Whether you missed our webinar or you just want to review the highlights, we've got you covered.

What you'll learn:
  • How smartphones change the way people shop online and in store
  • Where retailers are failing their customers
  • What retailers are doing to keep up with the latest shopping trends

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[WEBINAR] What is Conversational Commerce?

Webinar: What is Conversational Commerce?

Join Branding Brand CEO Chris Mason, Chubbies Shorts founder Preston Rutherford, and Forrester Analyst Brendan Witcher....

Thursday, July 28   |   1:00 P.M. EDT

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Conversational commerce connects retailers and consumers through messaging to create a new type of online shopping—one that is more personable and human. It's important because it targets shoppers where they are most: on their smartphones.
This new form of shopping comes in various forms, like chatbots, in-app messaging, and SMS, but at the end of the day, it's all about targeting micro-moments and building relationships between your brand and your consumers.
This webinar will cover:

  • How to engage with omnichannel consumers using conversational commerce
  • What trends and opportunities retailers are experiencing 
  • How you can use conversational commerce to empower your store associates and establish a loyal customer base

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What every retailer needs to know about WWDC 2016Apple's annual developer conference WWDC kicked off today and announced upgrades to all of its platforms, including iOS, watchOS, tvOS, and macOS. 

Retailers should be particularly excited about the news surrounding Apple Pay, iOS 10 app extensions, and proactive suggestions.

Learn how Apple's updates affect retailers:

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