[WEBINAR] Retailers: Are You on the Road(map) to Success?

Retailers: Are You on the Road(map) to Success?

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As many retailers prepare to close stores, it's time to revisit your existing omnichannel e-commerce strategy.

While everyone was busy making their 2017 predictions, we focused on research that will help you prioritize your digital retailing roadmap to make this year successful.

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Join Branding Brand's Chris Mason along with guest speaker Forrester's Brendan Witcher, on Tuesday, January 31 at 1 p.m. ET to learn:
  • What challenges lie ahead for retailers this year
  • What shoppers are expecting from your online and offline experiences
  • How to exceed expectations and stand out from the competition

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 This webinar will not be recorded. 

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[FREE DOWNLOAD] Webinar Recap: Conversational Commerce and Your Omnichannel Strategy


Branding Brand CEO Chris Mason partnered with Chubbies founder Preston Rutherford and Forrester analyst Brendan Witcher to talk conversational commerce and omnichannel retail. Whether you missed our webinar or you just want to review the highlights, we've got you covered.

What you'll learn:
  • How smartphones change the way people shop online and in store
  • Where retailers are failing their customers
  • What retailers are doing to keep up with the latest shopping trends

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[WEBINAR] What is Conversational Commerce?

Webinar: What is Conversational Commerce?

Join Branding Brand CEO Chris Mason, Chubbies Shorts founder Preston Rutherford, and Forrester Analyst Brendan Witcher....

Thursday, July 28   |   1:00 P.M. EDT

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Conversational commerce connects retailers and consumers through messaging to create a new type of online shopping—one that is more personable and human. It's important because it targets shoppers where they are most: on their smartphones.
This new form of shopping comes in various forms, like chatbots, in-app messaging, and SMS, but at the end of the day, it's all about targeting micro-moments and building relationships between your brand and your consumers.
This webinar will cover:

  • How to engage with omnichannel consumers using conversational commerce
  • What trends and opportunities retailers are experiencing 
  • How you can use conversational commerce to empower your store associates and establish a loyal customer base

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[Webinar] In-Store Personalization and the Move to Individualization


Join Branding Brand CEO Chris Mason and Forrester Analyst Brendan Witcher as they discuss the evolution of personalization and how leading retailers are customizing the omnichannel experience for shoppers.

Friday, October 23   |   1:30 P.M. EDT

This webinar won't be recorded, so don't miss it!

When it comes to prioritizing technology investments, retailers are placing personalization solutions at the very top of the list, but it's now going well beyond product recommendations and a customer's name on a homepage. Leading retailers are moving to individualize experiences across the enterprise, which includes the digitization of the physical store.

With unprecedented amounts of available customer data and access to big data processing power, personalization is being redefined by structuring interaction, functionality, and content around the real-time needs of individual customers. In this session, we will reveal the key pillars and technical capabilities that support this evolution of personalization.

Key Takeaways
  • Why individualization is becoming the new standard in the age of the customer
  • How technology and available customer data redefine personalization
  • What retailers need in order to support a strategic personalization plan online and in-store


We're sorry you missed our webinar. Contact us to learn more about it!


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[Free Download] Webinar Recap: Optimizing Your Responsive Investment

OptimizeYourResponsiveInvestmentAt our "How to Optimize Your Responsive Investment" webinar, Forrester Principal Analyst Peter Sheldon and Branding Brand CEO Chris Mason discussed the importance of mobile and the evolution of responsive design.

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As mobile devices generate more and more traffic and sales, many retailers turn to responsive design (RWD) as the end-all solution to their digital strategy. While RWD conquers the issue of having to update more than one code base, responsive design isn't enough.

Most e-commerce platforms now offer starter-store "cookie cutter" templates that attempt to solve the needs of complex retailer sites, but Sheldon discussed that responsive poses big challenges for retailers looking to optimize speed and performance. The best way to tackle the setbacks of RWD is by adding server-side components: RESS, which allows you to mix and match adaptive and responsive design elements to deliver a better user experience.

To get you up-to-speed, we've put together an abridged webinar presentation with key takeaways that will help you understand the current challenges that retailers face with responsive design and the next steps you can take to plan your roadmap. 

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