[WEBINAR] How to Streamline Checkout Using Pay with Google

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Tuesday, August 22  |  1 p.m. ET


Long, complicated checkouts are often the primary cause of abandoned carts. The solution? One-touch payments.

Coming this fall, Pay with Google enables frictionless purchasing anywhere, including mobile, desktop, in store, or smart home devices, and introduces new use cases, like paying for a ride share in Google Maps or booking a hotel room in an Android Instant App.

Pay with Google combines the benefits of Android Pay and Google cards on file, including:
  • Secure, one-touch payments
  • Fast, easy adoption with millions of cards already on file
  • Consistent in-store and online experiences

This new payment method is expected to perform better than Android Pay, which has increased conversion up to 3.5x, and scales even faster, according to the Google Payment Solutions team.

Join Branding Brand and Emily Kramer, Rohan Thompson, and Chris Sater from Google to learn more about Pay with Google on Tuesday, August 22 at 1 p.m. ET.


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